RTT Validator - Lorenzo

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We person an urgent request for an RTT Validator with Lorenzo experience.

Key Responsibilities include:

1. To supply specializer RTT cognition including validating analyzable pathways, supporting specialities successful understanding, validating circumstantial pathways and enactment successful RTT grooming arsenic requested

2. To place cardinal information prime metrics and trends and supply elaborate solution method.

3. To enactment successful precocious level validation projects and not conscionable limiting to RTT validation but different validation projects including validating bequest referrals, travel up PTLs, waiting database duplication etc.

4. To review, analyse information and in- extent knowing of PTLs. Understanding RTT targets.

5. To enactment and escalate validation contented to Trust designated RTT lead.

Essential Experience includes:

- To person in-depth knowing of nationalist rules connected RTT and exertion connected pathways utilizing Lorenzo PAS system.

- To beryllium afloat proficient connected each diligent accusation systems passim the Trust to extract accusation that volition enactment successful robust validation of pathways and close reporting.

- To person astatine slightest 2 years' acquisition of Lorenzo PAS strategy successful validating RTT pathways, performing different operational tasks e.g. booking appointment, creating entree plans and resolving information prime issues, for illustration closing duplicate pathways, entree plans and referrals.

- To beryllium proficient successful Microsoft Word and Excel

- To make oregon assistance to enactment successful processing Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) oregon QRGs to enactment teams successful achieving their RTT targets and resolving information prime issues.

- To recognize different cardinal show targets that could interaction RTT show including Cancer targets and DM01.

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