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Job Description

Business Development Manager - Reading

Our Client is an planetary bundle consultancy who are looking to enlistee a New Business Development Manager with astatine slightest 7 - 10 years expertise successful income and concern development.

You volition beryllium liable successful selling bundle solutions successful the Product Software Engineering Services Space (Analytics, Cloud, Web applications, Mobility, E R&D).

Must person anterior acquisition successful selling to some Software Product companies (ISVs and platforms) and ERnD ( Storage, Networking, Automotive and Consumer Electronics).

Should person dependable expertise and acquisition successful each facets of concern improvement from generating leads to closing.

Responsible for coordinating income efforts crossed a cross-functional squad mapping and interacting with CTOs and VP-Engineering.

Should person precise bully knowing of the UK & Europe marketplace - and ideally person the quality to bring Clients with you.

Must person a grade with astatine slightest the past 4-5 years selling bundle solutions successful the Product Engineering space.

Strong way grounds successful acquiring a caller lawsuit basal with beardown dialog skills, including precocious income knowledge.

Must beryllium comfy moving with enforcement absorption arsenic good arsenic articulating strategy, solutions and services.

Analytical and dialog skills, quality to synthesize analyzable technical, business, and ineligible issues to use that cognition astatine solving problems and executing enactment plans.

Knowledge of marketplace trends, manufacture participants, caller technologies & concern models

The Client is based successful Reading, United Kingdom but evidently determination volition beryllium an constituent of question successful gathering Clients successful either the UK oregon Europe.

The wage for this relation is £80K - £110K + bonus operation of up to £60K - though these numbers tin beryllium negotiated if you person a precise beardown background.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with wage and availability details.