Sales Lead Generation Executive- Holborn London

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Job Description

Sales Lead Generation Executive - Holborn London

Our Client is an planetary consultancy with offices successful Holborn London.

They are looking to adhd to their income squad by recruiting a Sales Lead Generation Executive.

The pursuing are the cardinal aspects of the role:

   •   This is simply a Lead Generation role.

   •   It includes account-based imaginable research, identifying cardinal stakeholders, and engaging successful a dialog supported by a colleagues.

   •   Specifically to:

o Research organizations and place a fewer senior-level targets successful each one.

o Normally this is the CTO (not the CIO) and associated roles.

o Identify a taxable that is apt to beryllium of involvement to a prospect, and physique a communicative astir that.

o Contact each prospect, chiefly done placing a telephone to them, and prosecute successful a dialogue, portion of which is to outline the Company's worth proposition.

o This requires a consultative income approach.

o There is nary merchandise oregon solution to beryllium sold.

o Categorize each pb pursuing the speech to measure whether to advancement them oregon suffice out.

   •   The superior absorption is to physique the wide income funnel, alternatively than to negociate a pipeline.

   •   Lead Gen enactment should effect successful qualified leads being entered into the Company's Sales CRM system, and wherever imaginable a adjacent telephone oregon gathering being scheduled.

   •   Support volition beryllium disposable from the Clients planetary selling function.

   •   Primarily UK and Ireland focused, crossed aggregate industries.


   •   Excellent English connection skills - particularly listening skills - capable to prosecute successful a speech astir the client's concern and however exertion trends could interaction that.

   •   Proven way grounds of engaging with caller radical to make involvement via an unsolicited telephone call, positive familiarity with utilizing societal media to enactment this

   •   Sufficient gravitas to beryllium capable to prosecute astatine C-level.

   •   A consultative income attack is important.

   •   A tenable knowing of mainstream technologies astatine a precocious level crossed assorted industries, e.g. DevOps, AWS and IoT. But acquisition successful circumstantial technologies oregon bundle is not required.

   •   Dynamic and enthusiastic personality, who is keen to larn astir however exertion is impacting the future.

   •   Results oriented and wealth motivated. This is simply a relation for a self-starter who tin enactment with minimal supervision.

   •   Ideally volition person worked for a B2B telemarketing institution successful the exertion space, oregon possibly a exertion recruitment firm, but not essential.

Salary for this relation volition beryllium £25K to £35K per annum based connected experience.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with wage and availability.