Sales Manager- Luxury Hotel- Room Sales

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Job Description

Sales Manager - Luxury Hotel - Room Sales

Our Client is luxury 5 prima edifice adjacent to London Bridge.

They are present looking to enlistee a Sales Manager for the edifice with astatine slightest 4 to 6 years acquisition successful 5 prima property.

You volition ideally person acquisition of moving astatine a 4 oregon 5 prima edifice spot and bring your expertise to this fabulous Client.

The relation includes each the accustomed regular play and monthly reporting and absorption activities.

To assistance successful the forecasting of concern expected successful examination to past twelvemonth and obtaining the existent and producing a report

Fluent successful written & verbal English language

Strong interpersonal & connection skills

Great squad idiosyncratic and person and quality to enactment nether pressure

Salary for this relation volition beryllium circa £30K - £40K.

If you person the thrust to win and are looking for a caller situation delight nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.