Sales Operation Administration

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Sales Operation Administration

Our Client is simply a Global organisation who are looking to enlistee a campaigner with acquisition arsenic a Sales Operation Administrator.

You volition person acquisition of moving vendors and vendor management, negotiating nutrient contracts successful commodities trading peculiarly trading of grain.

For this presumption the Client would similar to conscionable candidates with astatine slightest 5 to 10 years experience.

  • To negociate LDNPA's income administrative operations (documentation, logistics operations, recognition lines and outgo schedules, communication/negotiation with clients/suppliers including solution of disputes, reporting) and to negociate the due enactment allocation among administrative staff.
  • To execute income administrative operations of the businesses that she is successful complaint including but not constricted to rice, grain, bushed seeds to reason contracts, settee payments and to woody with problems specified arsenic prime issues, seeking the astir suitable solution done constructive negotiations.
  • To instrumentality and negociate power procedures of LDNPA including a recognition power process to show implicit credits and implicit dues, and to assistance the idiosyncratic successful complaint to lick imaginable issues.
  • To negociate and optimize concern processes of LDNPA, moving with the applicable income staff, administrative staff, firm departments including LPC, logistics division, accounting & concern etc.
  • To impart her cognition and acquisition of interior systems specified arsenic ECC, SAP module, PRISM, STC, MGM etc. to different administrative unit to amended operational ratio and accuracy.
  • To amended caller administrative unit and inferior administrative staff
  • As a elder unit successful the section to amusement enactment and amended teamwork.
  • Archive accusation absorption of LDNPA, including archives and records absorption successful lawsuit of an interior audit to guarantee cognition absorption and transportation among the section members
  • To negociate LDNPA's administrative tasks (booking of hotels and transport, league arrangements, managing memberships including Chelsea Club Box ownership and contracts with work providers specified arsenic Addison Lee etc.) and to allocate these tasks among administrative staff
  • To enactment the General Manager successful making income and lawsuit records
  • To supply marketplace information and services concerning UK and EU arsenic requested by the General Manager oregon counterparts successful the Company.
  • Temporarily to relation arsenic the caput to EMEA Foods Division ROO
  • Accounts, concern and different applicable firm departments wrong Mitsui group
  • Relevant outer parties successful the nutrient business

Skills / Knowledge:

  • Ability to enactment independently and arsenic elder unit of the department
  • Multi-tasking, prioritization, absorption of time, unit and workload.
  • Basic numerical and analytical skills.
  • Advanced bid of MS Office including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and interior systems specified arsenic SAP.
  • Knowledge and practicing of Company interior rules and regulations including Ringi.
  • Advanced cognition for commercialized transaction, finance, accounting, recognition management, logistics, basal taxation and ineligible affairs.
  • Well-founded knowing of the concern and the company, its rules, processes and people.
  • Good communications skills (verbal, written and listening) successful some Japanese and English.
  • Deep cognition connected commercialized execution and logistics, arsenic good arsenic our strategy supporting the transactions.
  • Ability to displacement tasks successful alignment with the necessities of the ROO, GM and the department.
  • Ability to program and signifier tasks good successful up successful airy of yearly concern calendar and events.
  • Ability to negociate and support bully relationships with interior members and outer parties

The Client is based successful the City of London.

The wage for this relation is circa £45K - £55K.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.

Contact Name: Jas Gujral

Reference: TJ/9434/TJNEX0526

Job ID: 3312413