Salesforce Consultant

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Salesforce Consultant / Specialists
City of London

We are presently looking retired for Salesforce Consultants & Specialists to articulation a consultancy starring their tract of specialisms. Its a large clip to articulation this organisation arsenic they are looking to grow their practice, and youll person an fantabulous accidental to enactment and nurture this growth! Meaning youll turn arsenic the concern grows.

Their halfway absorption is to guarantee that their Salesforce Technology & Transformation Services squad based crossed the UK are accountable and supply an fantabulous scope of services utilizing CRM Analytics & Einstein Discovery, moving alongside their clients to present innovative analytics solutions.

Your relation volition incorporated a wide scope of responsibilities specified as:

* Gathering requirements from stakeholders crossed the concern & lawsuit sites.
* Facilitate workshops with concern stakeholders to assistance recognize their needs, advising connected what is imaginable wrong the products capabilities.
* Working intimately with clients & businesses to assistance them recognize data, identifying apical analytics idiosyncratic cases to make a abbreviated & semipermanent analytics roadmap.
* Experience delivering / starring workshops & projects wrong an agile scrum methodology.
* Leading & managing a squad to present CRM Analytics & Einstein Discovery solutions.
* CRM Analytics & Einstein Discovery acquisition with applicable certifications wherever possible.
* Understanding of ETL processes for information mentation and management. A beardown knowing of information concepts & modelling.
* Ideally consulting acquisition - oregon CRM implementation experience.
* Youll beryllium speechmaking and penning successful JSON, SAQL & SQL.
* Leading and contributing to the RFP responses alongside different income activities crossed the Analytics business.
* Technical Qualifications / acquisition successful processing successful Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud oregon Data Cloud.
* Deployments betwixt SFDC Sandboxes & accumulation orgs utilizing alteration sets & metadata APIs.
* Experience successful different comparable concern quality instrumentality specified arsenic Tableau, Microsoft Power BI oregon QlikView.
* Experience successful processing Apex, VisualForce & lightning components.
* Experience wrong ETL Tools specified arsenic Mulesoft, Alteryx, Informatica Cloud and Talend.

Overall, this accidental volition beryllium large for a occupation solver arsenic good arsenic idiosyncratic who loves to beryllium hands-on. Youll get the unsocial accidental to beryllium progressive successful an ever-expanding Salesforce signifier and further get progressive successful CRM Analytics & Einstein Discovery. Whilst besides supporting the maturation of others astir you.

This relation volition beryllium predominantly remote, and youll lone marque trips into the bureau "When it matters" for lawsuit visits & workshops etc.

Were besides truly unfastened to inheritance and acquisition owed to the quality of different roles disposable wrong the signifier truthful if you deliberation this mightiness beryllium of suit pleas click the occupation online.