SAP Practitioner Sales

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Job Description

SAP Sales Director (M/ F/ D)

About Wipro SAP Practice:

Wipro enables planetary enterprises to standardize, automate, accelerate, and acquisition by harnessing the powerfulness of unreality and integer technologies. With implicit 25+ years of acquisition successful handling analyzable SAP engagements and being a Global Strategic Services Partner (GSSP) with SAP, Wipro is uniquely positioned to connection cutting borderline and transformative solutions to our customers done aggregate associated co-innovation programs. We supply a big of services crossed SAP consulting, SAP implementation and SAP managed services leveraging our 360o narration with SAP.

Wipro has gained extended capableness connected SAP with implicit 17,000+ SAP resources moving for 400+ planetary customers successful implicit 70 locations. We person much than 8700+ SAP certified consultants, and Wipro is ranked #5 successful the manufacture for full SAP certifications.

With implicit 22 SAP S/4 HANA innovation centres and studios astir the globe, Wipro has built implicit 60 intelligent exertion accelerators, preconfigured solutions, and proprietary tools to assistance organizations go future-ready. Wipro’s eSymphony is simply a unsocial level that enables enterprises to illustration a integer translation enabling a ‘vision-to-value’ position physique connected a wide scope of components including crossed manufacture centric insights, concern process quality and level integration that helps execute done a cloud-first strategies.

The acquisition of Rizing, a planetary consulting SAP firm, has strengthened our strategical SAP consulting capabilities successful a captious enlargement of Wipro Enterprise Futuring division.

Job Overview

As an SAP Sales Director, you volition play a pivotal relation successful driving the income of our SAP solutions. Your superior work volition beryllium to recognize lawsuit requirements, articulate the worth proposition of our SAP offerings, and efficaciously pass however our solutions align with their concern objectives.

Key request and responsibilities:

The idiosyncratic volition beryllium accountable for the wide SAP bid publication crossed the assigned portfolio of accounts wrong the UK & Ireland region.

Engage with the CXOs and concern owners and physique beardown lawsuit relationships.

Create a heavy knowing of the client’s business, their challenges, and strategies wrong their existing SAP setup.

Work efficaciously with globally distributed method and SAP pre-sales squad successful shaping proactive opportunities, RFP/RFI responses, solutions, and presentations.

Lead procreation moving with alliances, selling and done nonrecreational network.

Work with the idiosyncratic relationship teams to make Business Development Plans for the relationship and associated execution with respect to SAP portfolio.

Lead and ain end-to-end solution improvement - designer and orchestrate solution improvement by moving with Business Units / SAP Presales and solution leads / transportation and connection the champion worth proposition from Wipro - S/4 HANA Transformation Programs, Migrations, AMS, Upgrades including Cloud related offerings.

Excellent lawsuit interface skills - connection & quality to present presentation, thrust meetings.

Develop agelong word valued relationships with the client. Building and maintaining beardown lawsuit relationships.

Ability to accommodate successful a rapidly changing environment, enactment efficaciously nether precocious pressure, maturation mode.

Experience successful the Consumer and MFG manufacture segments volition beryllium a wide advantage.

Prior acquisition successful a highly collaborative and matrixed situation oregon immoderate acquisition with a Global Delivery Model based IT Services Company volition beryllium an added advantage.

Desired Skills

Minimum of 15 years Solutioning/ selling/closing deals successful IT Services & Consulting

10 years of acquisition selling SAP services abstraction successful 1 of the pursuing areas: S/4HANA transformations, SAP LoB solutions similar SuccessFactors, Ariba. SAP connected Azure/AWS/GCP. Expertise successful Public Cloud and IT transformation. Digital and Business Transformation acquisition is preferred.

Strong knowing of SAP solutions and their exertion crossed assorted industries.

10+ years of applicable concern acquisition gained wrong a ample Consulting oregon SI enactment arsenic either a advisor oregon income professional, with astatine slightest 5 years of applicable income experience.

SAP pre-sales / income cycles and starring / elder architecture roles connected 5+ SAP projects. Knowledge connected SAP solutions portfolio.

Minimum of 3 years’ grounds ofl income quota attainment against a $8-10M oregon higher target