Satellite Systems Manager

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An fantabulous accidental has go disposable for a Satellite Systems Manager to articulation a globally established and recognised outer communications institution based successful the Didcot area.

As a Satellite Systems Manager, you volition person a fig of halfway responsibilities that include:

  • Developing interior and outer stakeholder relationships to alteration exertion development
  • Managing subsystem and instrumentality requirements and reviews
  • Monitor level and merchandise enactment competitiveness against what the manufacture has to offer
  • Contribute to outer strategy development
  • Work alongside Project and Program Managers to guarantee that task milestones are met

To beryllium considered for the Satellite Systems Manager accidental you indispensable person a method inheritance successful outer subsystems and instrumentality specified arsenic electrical propulsion, mechanical systems, and outer platforms, a beardown inheritance successful management, a beardown knowing of payload technologies, ideally person seen a task done from conception to launch, and preferably talk some English and French.

If you would similar further accusation astir the Satellite Systems Manager accidental oregon person an involvement successful making an application, delight interaction Luke Ord.