Security Programme Manager

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AMS is the world's starring supplier of Talent Acquisition and Management Services. Our Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) service, spouse with Deutsche Bank to enactment contingent recruitment processes.

Job statement - the role

On behalf of Deutsche Bank, we are looking for a Security Programme Manager for a 6 months contract based successful Birmingham (Hybrid).

Deutsche Bank is simply a planetary banking concern with beardown roots successful Germany and operations successful implicit 70 countries. Their ample but focused footprint gives an established presumption successful Europe positive a important beingness successful the Americas and Asia Pacific. There are 4 concern divisions: the Corporate Bank, the Investment Bank, the Private Bank and the Asset Manager DWS. There are besides a fig of highly skilled functions performing cardinal absorption tasks.

'Together we're sharing caller perspectives and transforming what it means to beryllium a bank.'

Purpose of the role:

Program Manager's responsibilities, which see supervising the implementation and continuous betterment of Cyber Hygiene (vulnerability and information configuration management) practices crossed the organization.This oversight extends to ensuring that these practices align harmoniously with the organization's concern objectives and stay compliant with applicable standards and regulations.

The Program Manager's superior nonsubjective is to found a strategical Target Operating Model (TOM) for Cyber Hygiene, portion concurrently fostering stakeholder engagement.Throughout this process, they volition diligently uphold a vigilant and broad position connected the program's progression.

Key responsibilities

  • Discovery and Strategic Planning:
    • Conduct a thorough investigation of existing cyber hygiene processes and practices.
    • Develop a high-level translation plan, encompassing timelines and milestones, to heighten cyber hygiene practices crossed the enactment and guarantee alignment of translation program with existent commitments to the enactment and vendor agreements.
  • Milestone Alignment and Delivery Management:
    • Coordinate intimately with vendors to guarantee adherence to predefined milestones and deliverables.
    • Monitor and study connected advancement against these milestones, offering strategical insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Multi-Layered Program Management
    • Cyber Hygiene Team Restructuring and Organizational Change: pb an agile-driven reorganization of the cyber hygiene team, showcasing enactment successful fostering adaptability and efficiency.
    • Cyber Hygiene Target Operating Model Delivery: nonstop the deployment of the TOM balancing vendor collaborations with captious business/process transformations. Implement effectual connection strategies and stakeholder absorption to facilitate seamless transitions and optimal operational functionality.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Track grounds successful delivering translation and organisational alteration projects.
  • Experience successful Security projects.
  • Financial services acquisition besides utile but not essential.

Deutsche Bank's Values

Our values specify the moving situation we strive to make - diverse, supportive and welcoming of antithetic views. We clasp a civilization reflecting a assortment of perspectives, insights and backgrounds to thrust innovation. We physique talented and divers teams to thrust concern results and promote our radical to make to their afloat potential. Talk to america astir flexible enactment arrangements and different initiatives we offer.

We beforehand bully moving relationships and promote precocious standards of behaviour and enactment performance. We invited applications from talented radical from each cultures, countries, races, genders, intersexual orientations, disabilities, beliefs, and generations and are committed to providing a moving situation escaped from harassment, favoritism and retaliation.

This lawsuit volition lone judge workers operating via a PAYE engagement model.

AMS's payroll work is successful concern with Giant, we person worked with them for galore years and person bully processes successful spot to guarantee you get the champion service. If you are palmy successful your exertion for this role, your declaration volition beryllium via Giant. For much accusation connected Giant, delight travel this link: https://ams-giant-paye-introduction.

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