Semiconductor Test Engineer

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An fantabulous accidental has go disposable with a increasing institution successful Madrid for a Semiconductor Test Engineer.

As a Semiconductor Test Engineer you volition person a fig of halfway responsibilities that include:

  • Development of caller trial programs 
  • Production information analysis
  • Definition of trial flows
  • Interaction with trial instrumentality vendors
  • Supporting the R&D squad with merchandise development

To beryllium considered for the Semiconductor Test Engineer accidental you indispensable person acquisition with Teradyne trial platforms specified arsenic J750, Flex oregon Ultraflec, an knowing of integer and analog semiconductor testing, ideally person antecedently worked successful the automotive sector, person an knowing of parametric testing, wafer benignant and last test, and person beardown programming skills successful C for trial development.

If you are funny successful making an exertion for the Semiconductor Test Engineer vacancy oregon would similar further information, delight interaction Luke Ord.