Senior Accountant with ACCA or CIMA

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Job Description

Senior Accountant ACCA CIMA

Our Client is an planetary institution with offices successful the City London.

They are looking to enlistee a Qualified Accountant with an ACCA oregon CIMA qualification with astatine slightest 3 to 5 years PQE.

The Company is engaged with assorted dynamic projects specified arsenic powerfulness generation, renewable energy, lipid and gas, and in-house banking done the Special Purpose Companies successful the UK (the SPC), and the Company provides accounting and taxation services to the SPCs.

Summary Profile:

  • Produce accounting reports of the SPCs connected a monthly, quarterly and yearly ground to Head of Accounts.
  • Tax enactment (assist successful Corporate Income Tax instrumentality with taxation advisors/prepare VAT instrumentality and resoluteness enquiries) for the SPCs.
  • Advise the SPCs' controlling departments of the Company connected accounting issues.
  • Assist successful wide enactment (working arsenic an agent/contact person) with notary, accounting firms, HMRC, the Companies House etc. for the SPCs.
  • Monitor diary entries and works of much inferior Accountancy staff.
  • Other assorted enactment related to not lone the SPCs' but besides the Company's accounting/tax matters based connected the acquisition from Manager/GM.
  • Key Responsibilities:
  • The SPCs' accounting/tax service.
  • Coordinating fiscal audit of the SPCs.
    1. Planning and controlling the docket of fiscal audit.
    2. Answering questions from auditors appropriately.
    3. Preparing fiscal statements and finalization with auditors.
    4. Checking and, correcting if necessary, absorption study to beryllium issued by auditors.
    5. Preparing immoderate reports, if necessary, to Managers/GM/CFO.
  • Analysing and/or solving problems successful accounting data/business process of the SPCs.
  • Managing accounts for designated concern areas including monitoring, controlling and reconciling data.
  • Management reporting to concern areas connected a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Reconciling and controlling ledger balances including stock, futures and fixtures position.
  • Advising the concern departments connected accounting matters, from the viewpoint of accounting and tax.
    Skills / Knowledge:
  • Excellent verbal and written connection skills successful English.
  • IT skills utilizing Excel, Word, SAP.
  • Numerical and analytical skills.
  • Ability to resoluteness analyzable problems wrong strict clip constraints.
  • Extensive accounting experience. Some of which should beryllium PQE (ie aft qualifying arsenic an accountant).
  • Must person acquisition of analysing Trial Balance Sheet and preparing Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, arsenic good arsenic consolidating accounts.


  • Preferably an undergraduate oregon equivalent grade successful Finance, Accounting, Maths, Statistics, Business oregon Economics.
  • Otherwise a bully modular of acquisition to astatine slightest A Level modular oregon equivalent, A levels should see Maths.
  • Accountancy qualifications, i.e. ACCA, ACA oregon CIMA.

The relation is based adjacent St Paul's successful the City of London.

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium circa £50K - £55K + Benefits.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.