Senior Analog IC Design Engineer - Power Management

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This is simply a caller accidental for a Senior Analog IC Design Engineer to articulation a coagulated and increasing Semiconductor institution based successful Edinburgh moving connected powerfulness conversion technologies, you volition beryllium portion of a collaborative squad processing high-performance mixed-signal integrated circuits, including innovative powerfulness converters and different circuitry successful precocious CMOS processes. You volition play a meaningful relation successful processing next-generation devices and ensuring that starring user electronics manufacturers tin easy integrate our devices into their products. It represents a large accidental to enactment successful an situation focused connected innovation wherever you volition beryllium inspired by the champion successful their tract and person the accidental to enactment connected cutting-edge projects.

Masters oregon PhD qualified successful Electronic Engineering oregon Microelectronics, you volition person 5-10 years acquisition successful Analog/Mixed awesome with coagulated acquisition successful the plan of inductive switching converters (buck, boost, oregon buck-boost) and familiarity with their power (voltage and/or existent mode). You volition beryllium capable to oversee the improvement of a switching converter from specifications to qualified for production.

You volition person the quality to instrumentality connected a pb relation astatine strategy oregon spot level and beryllium capable to interact intimately with customers and the elder Leadership Team.

Excellent connection skills are required with the quality to enactment good successful a squad and thrive successful a dynamic environment. You volition beryllium organised, thorough and elaborate with a precocious level of self-motivation, beardown analytical and occupation solving skills. 

Excellent benefits are connected connection positive the accidental to articulation a well-established squad with beardown retention rates, moving connected precocious exertion successful 1 of the main semiconductor hubs of the UK. Visa sponsorship is disposable for the close campaigner and hybrid moving is besides disposable pursuing 2+ time in-office enactment schedule

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