Senior Analog IC Designer

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I americium looking to assistance my lawsuit grow their plan squad successful Switzerland with a Senior Analog IC Design Engineer.

In this pivotal role, the selected technologist volition beryllium instrumental successful implementing analog components for our cutting-edge ultra-low powerfulness Integrated Circuits (ICs) and volition actively enactment successful the integration of these components into top-level IC designs.
Responsibilities volition see but are not constricted to:

  • Participate successful feasibility studies and lend to architecture definitions for caller products.
  • Develop low-power analog Intellectual Property (IP) blocks, including specification, schematic and layout CMOS, and SOI design, arsenic good arsenic Spice simulation.
  • Contribute to the integration of analog IP blocks successful analyzable mixed-signal System-on-Chip (SoC) designs.
  • Generate elaborate specifications and verification plans for analog components and IC designs.
  • Evaluate and characterise IC components successful the laboratory setting.
  • Lead tiny teams connected sub-projects wrong the larger plan initiatives.
  • Provide enactment for accumulation trial improvement and last circuit qualification.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of plan methodology and plan flow.


  • Bachelor's oregon Master's grade successful electrical engineering, microelectronics, oregon equivalent.
  • Experience successful analog IC design, covering schematic, layout, and simulation.
  • Extensive knowing of semiconductor physics and IC processes.
  • Strong English written and verbal connection skills.

For further details astir this breathtaking opportunity, delight scope retired to Parm Shergill.

Contact Name: Parmeet Shergill

Reference: TJ/801/V-193730

Job ID: 3312213


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