Senior Analog Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

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A planetary Semiconductor institution is looking for a Senior Analog Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer to articulation the plan centre successful the Southwest of Germany which is located successful 1 of the astir scenic and warmest regions of the state and provides casual entree to Switzerland and France alike. In your relation arsenic Senior Analog Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer you volition person the pursuing responsibilities successful the improvement of HV IC's for automotive applications:

  • Technical work for improvement of Analog and Mixed-Signal (AMS) blocks for automotive, from concept, done design, verification, silicon valuation and characterisation
  • Ownership of the artifact plan up to implicit analog sub-systems (sensor interfacing and awesome conditioning, information conversion, powerfulness management) with wide partitioning (IC analog, digital) and IP-based structuring of the plan database
  • Circuit improvement astatine artifact level with a absorption connected analog and mixed-signal components successful high-voltage CMOS technologies
  • Design of analyzable Analog and Mixed-Signal IPs specified arsenic Data Converters (oversampled Sigma-Delta oregon Nyquist-rate ADCs and DACs), Power Management sub-systems (voltage regulators, proviso monitoring and voltage supervision, reverse polarity protection)
  • Use of state-of-the-art plan methodologies
  • Technical guidance and supervision of Analog and Layout Design Engineers
  • Ensuring the prime of the plan done reviews successful each improvement phases
  • Support of Layout Engineers and Measurement Engineers

Your Profile:

  • Master grade oregon equivalent successful electrical engineering oregon physics with absorption connected semiconductors oregon microelectronics
  • Demonstrated concern plan acquisition and heavy elaborate knowing of analog and mixed-signal components/IPs (e.g.: bandgaps, amplifiers, LDOs, complaint pumps, somesthesia sensors, ADCs, DACs, analog filters) including ESD and EMC
  • Experience of the improvement phases from concept, design, verification (pre-silicon) and valuation (post-silicon)
  • Experience successful top-level SoC plan and integration, organizing and moderating plan reviews and tapeouts including the indispensable sign-off formalities
  • In-depth cognition of plan methods and acquisition with CAD tools (design, simulation, verification)
  • Experience with high-voltage processes specified arsenic HV-CMOS, BCD including NVM/EEPROM
  • Knowledge of semiconductor physics and semiconductor technologies
  • Good verbal and written English skills

For much accusation and to apply, delight contact Molly with your CV and a clip for an archetypal call. 

Contact Name: Molly Watkins

Reference: TJ/801/V-191670-1

Job ID: 3313834