Senior CAD Engineer

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I americium recruiting an experienced Senior CAD Engineer to articulation my client's expanding squad successful either Lisbon, Portugal, oregon Barcelona, Spain.

As a Senior CAD Engineer, you volition play a important relation successful advancing their integer plan methodology, with a absorption connected supporting and evaluating EDA tools, establishing, and maintaining plan flows, and implementing assorted scripts. The perfect campaigner should person a beardown instauration successful integer plan flow, coupled with proficient programming skills.

Responsibilities volition see but are not constricted to:

  • Develop plan flows to facilitate SoC designs crossed divers semiconductor technologies.
  • Assess and optimise integer plan tools for some existing and caller plan flows.
  • Create, enhance, and negociate scripts and utilities to streamline plan processes.
  • Provide ongoing attraction and enactment for EDA tools, actively troubleshooting immoderate issues.
  • Collaborate connected plan projects, offering enactment and contributing to their success.
  • Produce broad documentation outlining plan methodologies and instrumentality utilisation.


  • Extensive acquisition successful integer plan travel and proficiency with EDA tools, spanning from RTL to GDS.
  • Familiarity with plan methodologies for mixed-signal and SoC projects.
  • Hands-on expertise successful constructing plan flows and delivering effectual plan support.
  • Proficient successful scripting languages and adept with bundle improvement tools.
  • Strong verbal, written communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Bachelor’s grade successful electrical engineering oregon machine subject (BSEE/BSCS), oregon master’s grade (MSEE/MSCS) with a minimum of 5 years of applicable experience.

Please get successful interaction with Parm Shergill for much information.