Senior Credit Research Analyst - Canary Wharf - 3 months - 460 per day

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My lawsuit a Leading Energy Supplier based successful Canary Wharf requires a Senior Credit Research Analyst for a 3 period declaration @ £460 per time (inside ir35)

Role Synopsis:

The credit research analyst for trading & shipping (t&s) is accountable for fundamental credit views and investigation successful enactment of t&s' commercialized and credit portfolio absorption strategies, including the improvement of counterparty-specific credit ratings and reviews.  He oregon she volition spouse intimately with different section and global credit staff successful enactment of concern and maturation strategies, and with other credit research staff crossed regions to align underwriting attack and pass manufacture oregon portfolio level hazard absorption outlooks and reviews.  

Given the breadth of cognition and acquisition provided by this role, candidates are expected to show a capableness and passionateness for continued nonrecreational development, allowing them to enactment progressively analyzable transactions and ain progressively blase interactions and to signifier portion of the aboriginal endowment and enactment pipeline for the broader credit team and trading organization.

 Key Accountabilities:

 Specific accountabilities volition see but not beryllium constricted to the following:

  • Analyse counterparties and assign credit ratings crossed sum portfolio, taking into information valuation of fiscal statements, manufacture cognition and expertise and applicable qualitative factors - including the proficient investigation of counterparties successful analyzable industries, with analyzable organizational oregon ownership dynamics oregon experiencing fiscal stress/distress.
  • Prioritize and signifier counterparty credit models and reviews successful a mode which fosters a real-time knowing of captious industries and counterparties and provides the capableness to enactment time-sensitive accusation requests, front-end structuring and credit risk appetite decisions and situation effect successful the lawsuit of a distressed vulnerability - including the proactive recognition and escalation of emerging trends wrong the portfolio which warrant imaginable interventions oregon guardant underwriting adjustments.
  • Follow-up connected emerging quality and events which whitethorn interaction sum beingness successful a self-directed manner, including timely, proactive connection of observations and views.
  • Understand interaction of t&s' spot wrong a counterparty's wide superior operation and bespeak insights successful investigation and successful discussions with local credit staff. Assisting arsenic required successful processing a comparative worth presumption of just instrumentality for resulting hazard profile.
  • Demonstrate a balanced but opportunistic mindset, with power accountabilities ever coming archetypal but with an ongoing oculus for circumstances which whitethorn contiguous commercialized origination openings for t&s arsenic well.
  • Maintain counterparty ratings and notation information accurately and timely.
  • Maintain strong, constructive moving relationships and unfastened lines of connection with section and global credit staff wrong the institution and with cardinal contacts wrong counterparty universe. 

Essential Education:

Bachelor's grade required, preferably successful Finance oregon Accounting.

Essential Experience & Job Requirements:

  • Prior acquisition in credit research, including aggregate manufacture sectors and geographies and some concern people and high-yield credits.    
  • A passionateness for the relation and a relentless committedness to excellence, including exceptional attraction to item and rigorous and timely follow-through connected each relation accountabilities.
    • Fluency with respect to fiscal modeling and credit rating champion practice, including cardinal drivers of fiscal spot and cardinal fiscal vulnerabilities crossed aggregate sectors, including sovereigns.  
    • A comfortableness level successful moving autonomously, sometimes nether high-pressured and fast-paced circumstances, and often successful the look of ambiguity/limited accusation - and the idiosyncratic courageousness to explicit a presumption connected champion accusation disposable to pass decisions.
    • Team subordinate with fantabulous interpersonal skills and a comfortableness level successful moving efficaciously with radical astatine assorted organizational levels wrong the company.

 Desirable Experience & Qualifications:

  • Seven oregon much years of acquisition in credit research, including work-out / distressed plus experience. 
  • Relative value credit experience wrong a buy-side concern steadfast oregon similar.
  • Project finance experience.
  • Credit research coverage/experience crossed globe.
  • Proficiency successful MS apps (Power BI, Sway, Stream, Power/Flow, Fluid, Whiteboard, Teams, Visio), Matlab, VBA, Python, information subject tools.
  • Multilingual
  • Postgraduate, nonrecreational designations (MBA, CFA, CPA, FRM, PEng)