Senior Data & Analytics Strategy Analyst

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Senior Data & Analytics Strategy Analyst

Location: Edinburgh

Salary : £42,120 to £46,800

Hours: Full time

Working Pattern: Minimum of 2 days a week successful the office

About this opportunity

This is your accidental to use your acquisition and cognition of information disciplines to assistance signifier the information civilization wrong our organisation.

As a Senior Data & Analytics Strategy Analyst you'll turn and larn successful an situation that recognises the value of information and the worth it tin bring to an organisation. This is important work, ensuring we person accurate, implicit and accordant information that we tin usage with assurance to enactment our concern determination making.

You'll instrumentality your spot wrong our Payments Services Platform - a supportive and divers assemblage wherever we're passionate astir collaboration and increasing together. Here, you'll enactment with engineers and analysts to guarantee the prime of work information maintained connected our IT Service Management (ITSM) instrumentality ServiceNow. This information volition beryllium utilised to summation an knowing of our exertion and exertion property and gully insights into our ratio and effectiveness astatine supporting the accumulation service.

You day-to-day responsibilities volition include:

  • Working with aggregate concern and exertion teams crossed the organisation to guarantee information quality

  • Interrogating and visualising information to thrust insights and enactment strategical determination making

  • Taking ownership of circumstantial data-related problems and solving them

  • Acting arsenic an enthusiastic information advocate, promoting information absorption and governance

What you'll need

  • Data Management & Governance: Applying information absorption policies and approaches to guarantee information prime and foundations, reducing information risk, and providing integrated, trusted and timely information from which reporting and analytics tin beryllium performed

  • Business Intelligence & Visualisation: Gathering, cleansing, analysing and processing ocular representations of information to assistance explore, recognize and pass data, and performing analytics for informed determination making

  • Collaboration: Working unneurotic and sharing accusation with, wrong and crossed boundaries, to execute a communal goal, thereby collectively maximising potential, astatine pace

  • Problem Solving: Defining a concern that is hard oregon undesirable, and past identifying and prioritising the champion solution to hole it

  • Impactful Communication: Engaging successful an open, transparent and inclusive mode done a scope of connection methods

  • Active Learning: Learning, driven by curiosity and desire, to summation caller experiences

And immoderate acquisition of this would beryllium truly useful

  • ITSM Concepts: Exposure to ITSM tooling, specified arsenic ServiceNow, and an consciousness of ITSM constructs and processes, specified arsenic exertion portfolio management, exertion portfolio management, incidental management, occupation absorption and alteration management

About moving for us

Our absorption is to guarantee that we're inclusive each day, gathering an organisation that reflects modern nine and celebrates diverseness successful each its forms.

We privation our radical to consciousness that they beryllium and tin beryllium their best, careless of inheritance individuality oregon culture.

We were 1 of the archetypal organisations to acceptable goals connected diverseness successful elder roles, make a menopause wellness bundle and a dedicated Working with Cancer initiative.

And it's wherefore we particularly invited applications from under-represented groups.

We're disablement confident. So, if you'd similar tenable adjustments to beryllium made to our recruitment processes. Just fto america know.

We besides connection a wide-ranging benefits package, which includes:

* A generous pension publication of up to 15%

* An yearly performance-related bonus

* Share schemes including escaped shares

* Benefits you tin accommodate to your lifestyle, specified arsenic discounted shopping

* 28 days vacation with slope holidays connected top

* A scope of wellbeing initiatives and generous parental permission policies

Ready for a vocation wherever you tin person a affirmative interaction arsenic you learn, turn and thrive?

Apply contiguous and find retired more.