Senior Data Analytics Manager- Kings Cross London

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Job Description

Data Analytics Senior Manager - Kings Cross London

The Data Analytics squad provides accusation that is accurate, consistent, timely and reliable, and guarantee the accusation is easy disposable to users for nonstop depletion oregon integration with different systems.

The Data Analytics squad trains CSI managers and unit to usage the information arsenic an analytical instrumentality for the intent of knowing and enactment exploration.

  • Champion enterprise-wide civilization of fact-based decisions, information prime and accountability.
  • Serve arsenic the administrative seat facilitating a concern information analytics governance assembly which shall reappraisal and o.k. accusation policies, information analytics priorities and assets allocations.
  • Review and urge support for accusation related policies, procedures and standards.
  • Directs, organizes, and leads Data Ananlytics workstream projects.
  • Works connected highly complex, cross-functional, and endeavor solutions.
  • Establishes processes, roles and prime criteria for workstream readying process including inception, method design, development, investigating and transportation of DA solutions.
  • Reviews and approves enactment plans, timelines, deliverables and assets commitments.
  • Reviews and approves information architecture, information models and specifications.
  • Establishes and publishes show metrics and plans for DA work request and work levels.
  • Prepares and manages yearly superior and operating budgets for DA assets, unit and services.
  • Recruits, hires, develops and motivates the DA squad members.
  • Reviews and approves functional requirements and concern cases for DA improvements.
  • Advises executives connected however DA (processes, practices and technologies) play a captious relation successful improving concern absorption and optimization.
  • Aligns DA technologies with CSI strategical initiatives.
  • Approves enactment of tools, frameworks and mechanisms for information analytics.

Responsible for strategic, tactical, operational, financial, human, and method assets managerial responsibilities associated with the pursuing DA and DA-related functional areas:

  • Data governance
  • Data mentation (sourcing, acquisition, integration)
  • Data warehousing
  • Reporting, analytics, information exploration
  • Information transportation (portals, mobile)

DA competency halfway oregon halfway of excellence (DA COE)

  • A assemblage grade successful machine science, economics, operations, management, oregon a related tract is required
  • A minimum of 5 (5) years of progressively liable acquisition successful a straight related area, during which some nonrecreational and absorption capabilities person been intelligibly demonstrated.
  • Industry/domain skills: Extensive expertise successful finance, HR, sales, marketing, merchandise lifecycle management, manufacturing and post-sales service.
  • Medical instrumentality oregon pharmaceutical manufacture acquisition is preferred.
  • Experience successful and knowing of a wide assortment of analytical processes (governance, measurement, etc.).
  • Experience with agile bundle development.
  • A coagulated knowing of cardinal trends including instrumentality learning and artificial intelligence.

General concern skills:

  • Analytical caput with a problem-solving aptitude expressed with clear, concise written, verbal and presumption skills.
  • Experience managing global, analyzable projects and teams.
  • Ability to implicit projects and execute results successful an ambiguous enactment environment.
  • Ability to instrumentality inaugural and beryllium innovative.
  • Ability to found and articulate a vision, acceptable goals, make and execute strategies, and way and measurement results.
  • Ability to physique and motivate a squad to execute good communicated expectations.
  • Strong enactment and statement gathering abilities crossed planetary cultures and each levels of management.

The wage for this relation is expected to beryllium successful the scope £70K - £85K.

Location is Kings Cross London.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.