Senior Data Reporting Analyst

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Senior Data Reporting Analyst

I americium presently moving with a Lloyds of London security radical looking for an idiosyncratic skilled astatine enhancing information utilized for pricing, portfolio monitoring, modelling and different show related tasks. This insurer provides a scope of security services crossed concern lines similar Political Violence, Marine & Cargo, Aerospace and more!

The role

This concern This relation volition supply opportunities for you to sharpen and situation your information analytics skills wrong the satellite of security pricing. Together with the pricing experts and actuaries on with the Data team, you volition enactment connected creating and delivering solutions utilising a assortment of information programming and monitoring / reporting tools (Insurance circumstantial and generic).

* Assist the pricing managers with information reconciliations and prime checks to guarantee the concern is signing disconnected with the close analyses
* Ensure palmy method complaint refresh done collaborating with the terms modelling information specification and transportation
* Improve existing suite of method and MI show reports, including; querying carious information sources; cleansing, transforming and merging information ; Utilise PowerBI to pb accumulation of summary tables and charts
* Support determination making done producing automated and ad-hoc extracts and reports from the information warehouse


* Experience utilizing Power BI to make controlled summary tables and charts
* Knowledge of Python to implement, support and amended connected existing scripts
* SQL information tables / information warehouse acquisition
* Proven acquisition successful the security satellite
* Ability to interact with some concern facing and the method teams


* Finance oregon Pricing acquisition highly beneficial
* Familiarity with manufacture recognised pricing tools specified arsenic Radar is simply a bonus