Senior Data Warehouse Developer

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Senior Data Warehouse Developer

I americium seeking a Senior Data Warehouse Developer to articulation my lawsuit successful Amsterdam, Netherlands. An fantabulous accidental to articulation a squad of experts moving connected processing the enterprise-level warehouse itself and not connected the exertion side. Please enactment this is an on-site accidental successful Amsterdam truthful you indispensable already beryllium based determination oregon beryllium prepared to relocate for it.

Primary responsibilities

  • Data warehouse architecture development
  • R&D of next-gen information warehouse technology

Essential experience

  • Relevant degree
  • Minimum 7+ years manufacture acquisition successful the improvement of information warehouses
  • C/C++

Desired acquisition


What’s connected offer?

€80k-150k depending connected experience

Why Amsterdam?

All the convenience of a large superior without it being oversized, nary shortage of vocation opportunities, satellite people museums, eateries, greenish parks, fantabulous connections successful and retired to assorted different cities and countries, the 30% taxation ruling (if you’re eligible!) and overmuch more.

Interested? This is simply a large accidental for a Senior Data Warehouse Developer. Please use present for contiguous information and talk with Chris Wyatt who is recruiting for this presumption successful Amsterdam, Netherlands.