Senior Digital Designer (ASIC)

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Exciting caller presumption disposable with a cutting-edge semiconductor company, located successful the Randstad country of The Netherlands.

Excellent wage available, benefits and shares:

The perfect campaigner volition person a substance of integer plan and integer verification acquisition implicit the past 5+ years.

  • Bachelor/Masters/PHD successful Electronic Engineering oregon akin field
  • ASIC cognition of analyzable tape-out projects
  • digital IC plan skills - RTL coding successful verilog
  • Understanding of UVM environments and
  • Must person bully scripting skills excessively - python, matlab, strategy C/C++
  • Additional "nice to person skills" see cognition of the afloat integer plan flow, synthesis and architecture to RTL-GDS2

Visa sponsorship is available.

Contact Rob Hudson for much information.

Contact Name: Rob Hudson

Reference: TJ/801/V-195272

Job ID: 3313872


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