Senior Electrical Engineer (Based in France)

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Are you an Engineer who's ever wanted to larn a overseas language?

AWE is offering a life-changing accidental for a Senior Electrical Engineer to articulation our squad astatine the EPURE installation adjacent Dijon, France. Don't interest if you can't talk French - we'll supply you with each the grooming you request to get to conversational level!

This relation is to enactment a associated UK/French Radiographic and Hydrodynamics installation located 45 minutes from Dijon successful France.

Senior Electrical Engineer (based successful France)

Package: £45,000 - £68,000 Plus allowances & astonishing benefits

More astir EPURE

EPURE is simply a ground-breaking installation - the archetypal of its benignant worldwide. This is your accidental to collaborate with our esteemed French and UK colleagues and beryllium portion of thing extraordinary! You would beryllium based successful France to supply enactment and absorption of a nonrecreational engineering work successful enactment of the CASD Programme and the company's strategical goals. Be a focal constituent and signpost for advice, accusation and expertise astir policy, champion practice, engineering cognition and standards. Provide owed governance and absorption to conscionable applicable Nuclear Licence Conditions, information codes and prime standards.

What's the payment of moving for AWE successful France?

As portion of our People Promise, AWE (one of the champion 25 large companies to enactment for successful the UK) has a scope of benefits to suit you. These include:

  • Time to recharge your batteries with 270 hours of yearly permission (inclusive of Bank Holidays) arsenic determination is simply a 5 Day moving week it is imaginable you whitethorn get an other week if determination is simply a tract unopen down successful the summer

  • Opportunities for Professional Career Development that see backing for the yearly rank of a applicable nonrecreational body, entree to mentors and training

  • Employee Assistance Programme and Occupational Health Services

  • A generous defined publication Group Personal Pension

  • Discounts - entree to savings connected a wide scope of mundane spending savings

  • Special Leave Policy including paid clip disconnected for volunteering, nationalist work (including reserve forces) and caring for your family

  • A big of voluntary & halfway benefits to suit your wellness and wellbeing - much accusation disposable connected our careers site

  • Relocation bundle disposable to enactment deployment to France

What volition you beryllium doing?

  • Demonstrating safe, effectual and ethical moving behaviours

  • Adhering to absorption strategy requirements for engineering activities

  • Delivery engineering tasks to schedule, fund and prime requirements

  • Maintaining and promoting precocious idiosyncratic standards successful environment, safety, health, information and prime and beryllium a large squad player

  • Applying method cognition for plan intent, as-built standards and strategy show done beingness for engineered systems and structures

  • Interpreting and delivering the requirements of analyzable and precocious illustration issued tasks from the Asset Engineering Solutions bid publication (including troubleshooting, quoting, reporting, design, commissioning and handover arsenic required), and marque grounds based nonrecreational engineering decisions to lick method problems wrong country of responsibility

  • Leading and advising engineers wrong bounds of ain specialism successful the transportation of innovative solutions to analyzable engineering problems

  • Identifying and escalating concern hazard arising from information of engineered systems and structures, and travel up connected actions

  • Informing section oregon task engineering strategies

  • Engaging with institution transportation and administrative requirements; study ain and squad advancement honestly and clearly, pass successful an engaging manner, enactment show management

  • Optimising the transportation of Operations Engineering

We'd emotion to perceive from individuals with the following:

  • An HNC/Level 4 qualification with suitable further acquisition to Incorporated Engineer equivalent level

  • The quality to pb engineering transportation crossed an equivalent manufacturing and/or probe situation comprising a scope of infrastructure facilities and associated manufacturing and/or probe works and equipment

  • The quality to pb transportation of facilities plan engineering and attraction services crossed the beingness of an asset

To beryllium considered, you'll request the following:

  • Be consenting to relocate to France and unrecorded wrong 1 hr of the Valduc tract and beryllium permanently located successful France for up to 5 years

  • The quality to pass successful the French Language is indispensable for this role. Whilst grooming volition beryllium provided, if required, it should beryllium recognised that important idiosyncratic committedness and self-study volition beryllium required to scope the required level. The campaigner volition request to scope DELF A2 up of deployment to enactment successful the precocious hazard area

  • Operate successful workplaces of important hazard (radiological, explosive, toxic)

  • Be comfy with moving successful the defence manufacture successful enactment of the UK atomic deterrent

  • Undertake secondary roles for the UK Senior Technical relation successful enactment of UK operations

  • Fit to deterioration a respirator and enactment successful a radiation-controlled area

Please note: When archetypal appointed successful the relation you volition beryllium based successful the UK initially for a play of 6-9 months earlier being deployed to France. Once deployed to France you volition travel the tract modular 5 time moving week, astatine the extremity of the duty you volition beryllium re-deployed backmost to AWE successful the UK.

Candidates indispensable beryllium consenting and capable to get and support the indispensable information clearance for the role.