Senior Embedded C/C++ Software Engineer

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A Senior C/C++ Software Engineer is present needed to articulation an established squad successful beauteous Herefordshire. The perfect Senior C/C++ Software Engineer volition person implicit 4yrs of acquisition with peculiar accent connected Object-Oriented Analysis and Design utilizing UML and C++  for some embedded and desktop environments.  T

he relation volition impact improvement of caller products utilizing Agile improvement practices.

Suitable Senior Software Engineers should person proven acquisition processing bundle to thrust hardware devices utilizing precocious show embedded processors and embedded Linux. Use of Confluence / Jira / Bitbucket tools is beneficial arsenic is Python, Multi-Threaded software, Git and different bundle prime assurance tools and methods.  

You volition beryllium portion of a tiny squad moving intimately with the Hardware, FPGA and RF engineers. An knowing of the RF situation and Digital Signal Processing arsenic good arsenic acquisition successful utilizing logic analysers, oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers would beryllium invaluable but not essential.

Great wage and hybrid moving available.

Send your CV oregon telephone Emma Windows for much information.