Senior Engineering Manager, Inv Risk

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There is simply a spot for you astatine T. Rowe Price to grow, contribute, learn, and marque a difference.?? We are a premier?asset?manager?focused connected delivering planetary concern absorption excellence and status services that investors tin trust connected contiguous and successful the future. The enactment we bash matters. We invitation you to research the accidental to articulation america and turn your vocation with us.


The T Rowe Price Investment Risk exertion squad is looking for a hands-on Engineering Manager oregon a Lead Level Software Engineer susceptible of managing a tiny team. The accomplished prosecute volition beryllium arsenic liable for penning code, managing a tiny team, performing concern investigation and keeping large task and agile hygiene.

We privation this idiosyncratic to person power implicit their nonstop reports, we perfectly bash not privation idiosyncratic who is dictatorial. We privation idiosyncratic who is comfy capable to springiness squad members their ain voice, determination making, and quality to lend arsenic as a existent team. If you consciousness uncomfortable with loads of opinions that contradict your own, this presumption is not for you.

Additionally, the scenery of Investment Risk comes with a wealthiness of nuance, bequest applications, and large aspirations. While you volition beryllium liable for the output of your team, you volition besides get absorption and guidelines from elder leaders. We privation idiosyncratic who accepts this absorption arsenic a positive, and volition genuinely question to recognize strategy, being humble with their nonstop reports and stakeholders throughout.

We privation a technologist who is capable to constitute a portion trial portion coding, query an API connected the broadside to get an thought of the analytics you're dealing with, propulsion up your sleeves and travel a bequest SQL query to recognize the reasoning successful a portfolio setup, beryllium unafraid to cheque the logs portion doing that, and usage each of that to travel up with elegant code, taking the complexity successful your stride? That's what we're looking for.

We privation idiosyncratic not conscionable alert of, but wholly astatine easiness with SOLID/TDD principles to assistance modernize a bequest stack into AWS. But much than that, we privation our engineers to recognize hazard and portfolio information successful specified a mode that you instrumentality connected ownership of the components you ship.

Our squad is gathering a suite of next-generation n-tier, autochthonal cloud-enabled applications, fronted by a merchandise named riskFolio. You volition beryllium starring an Agile squad of smart, hardworking radical whose ngo is to make caller capabilities utilizing modern unreality technologies utilized by our Risk Analysts, Portfolio Managers, and Quants. This is simply a hands-on enactment relation that provides an accidental to tackle blase business, logic, data, and method challenges. We promote you to apply!

Role summary and occupation responsibilities

  • Manages a improvement squad to present projects which execute people outcomes.
  • Demonstrates exceptional enactment and hands-on capableness to thrust components to delivery.
  • Enables engineers to plan and make architecture solutions to concern problems successful alignment with the endeavor architecture absorption and standards.
  • Apply radical absorption skills to coach, mentor and make engineers connected the team
  • Assume ownership implicit the quality, TCO, maintainability and information of the solutions built by our team.
  • Provide timely feedback and coaching to individuals and teams utilizing information to reenforce learning.
  • Overcome differences of sentiment and thrust squad alignment astir a circumstantial extremity oregon solution
  • Own method indebtedness crossed their improvement team.

Software Lifecycle Leadership

  • Able to springiness prime feedback connected designs written by different members of my team, asking probing, insightful questions that solidify choices and aboveground erroneous assumptions.
  • Encourage ways to simplify systems.
  • Look for opportunities that volition pb to little attraction and costs with meaningful and measurable impact.
  • Preemptively place method risks earlier they jeopardize the project.
  • Resolve cross-team dependencies earlier to guarantee the palmy execution of the project.
  • Discourage re-inventing the instrumentality by leveraging different T Rowe Front Office Technology oregon off-the-shelf solutions with the imaginable trade-offs successful mind.


  • Experienced successful starring ample bundle improvement projects successful presumption of squad size, method complexity and/or organizational complexity.
  • At easiness with implementing scrum ceremonies, particularly successful the look of time to time transportation pressures.
  • Software engineering acquisition with data, microservices, frameworks, and level development
  • Coding acquisition and coagulated moving cognition of .Net and 1 oregon much further programming languages specified arsenic .NET Core/C#, Typescript, Javascript, Python, Java, etc.
  • 3+ years of concern systems investigation oregon acquisition moving with information and analyzing information preferred
  • Experience designing and delivering frameworks focused connected information pipelines, information catalogs, information distribution, and/or precocious analytics
  • Proficient with a scope of open-source frameworks and improvement tools - .Net Framework (Standard/ Core), AWS Lambda and Step Functions, SNS, SQS, S3, NoSQL databases, Git/ Unity, ReactJS/Modern UI frameworks etc.
  • Exposure to immoderate of the pursuing concepts: object-oriented programming, prime assurance, parallel programming, databases, networking, etc.
  • Understanding of ATDD, TDD, and trial automation and tendency to constitute simple, adaptive and iterative code.

Highly desirable

  • Experience gathering containerized applications and deploying to nationalist oregon backstage clouds, specified arsenic Amazon Web Services (AWS) oregon akin providers.
  • Familiarity with modern front-end frameworks specified arsenic React oregon similar
  • Proven moving cognition of Risk analytics platforms (e.g MSCI, Bloomberg PORT, Barclay's POINT) and derivatives.
  • Open root engagement specified arsenic a well-curated blog, accepted contribution, oregon assemblage presence.
  • Scrum Developer oregon Scrum Master certification.
  • Experience successful beforehand bureau bundle improvement with an Asset Management, Hedge fund, oregon Investment Bank.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We strive for equity, equality, and accidental for each associates. When we clasp the powerfulness of diverseness and make an situation wherever radical tin bring their authentic and champion selves to work, our steadfast is stronger, and we make greater worth for our clients. Our committedness and inclusive programming purpose to assistance the acquisition for each subordinate and builds allies for our planetary subordinate community. We cognize that a consciousness of belonging is cardinal not lone to your occurrence astatine the firm, but besides to your quality to bring your champion each day.

T Rowe Price is an adjacent accidental leader and values diverseness of thought, gender, and race. We judge our continued occurrence depends upon the adjacent attraction of each associates and applicants for employment without favoritism connected the ground of race, religion, creed, colour, nationalist origin, sex, gender, age, intelligence oregon carnal disability, marital status, intersexual orientation, sex individuality oregon expression, citizenship status, subject oregon seasoned status, pregnancy, oregon immoderate different classification protected by country, federal, state, oregon section law.