Senior Finance Assistant

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Job Description

Senior Finance Assistant

Our Client is an planetary shipping institution who are looking to enlistee a Senior Finance Assistant with 5 positive years' acquisition successful Finance.

  • Overall backmost bureau relation for the Client, including but not constricted to; - Accounting, Internal Reporting, Taxation, Auditing, Internal control/J-SOX
    - System attraction and development
    - Other administrative works, particularly to beryllium compliant with fiscal regulations successful EU and UK
  • Similar to supra jobs for concern activities of the institution
    • Payment/Receipt related duties, including commercialized finance
    • Treasury/Foreign speech assistance

      Key Responsibilities:

  • All accounting, reporting, taxation, auditing, interior control/J-SOX for the Company
  • Some treasury-related duties specified arsenic outgo and receipt of money, colony confirmation, involvement and overseas speech hazard absorption
    • Supporting loan, deposit, FX related transactions for Company Offices and Group Companies.
    • Check presumption and conditions of L/Cs for harmless postulation of export proceeds and outgo of import commercialized contracts and arranging documentary collections.
    • Maintain and make ECC, Internet Banking Platform and immoderate different strategy related matter
    • Registration and maintaining of Company offices' Customer Bank Information connected SAP for payment.
    • Follow up to beryllium compliant with fiscal regulations successful UK and EU
    • Answering enquiries and supply advices from/to concern departments and firm departments of different Company offices and Group Companies.


  • Financial institutions
  • Auditors, Tax consultants, Regulatory authorities, etc.
  • Staff of EMEA office/branch, radical companies, and Tokyo office.

Good verbal and written connection skills coupled with Numerical and analytical skills.

IT skills including Word, Excel, SAP

Knowledge of currency management, concern marketplace and banking processes.

Accounting and Taxation

Comprehensive acquisition moving successful accounting oregon concern section of company, accounting firms, oregon fiscal institutions, specifically wrong treasury activities including currency absorption acquisition successful the concern marketplace area.

You volition ideally person a grade successful Finance, Accounting, Business oregon Economics

The relation volition beryllium based successful the City London.

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium successful the scope £34K - £37K positive benefits.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.