Senior Fire Engineer

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We are searching for a Chartered Fire Engineer oregon a Senior Fire Engineer for our client, an award-winning multidisciplinary operation consultancy with offices located passim the UK.

You volition beryllium liable for helping to make our clients Fire Engineering Division taking connected work for promoting and managing the squad arsenic a Specialist part wrong their signifier - managing and delivering an ever-increasing workload.

The palmy campaigner requires the quality and acquisition to assistance turn a squad of Engineers, a squad you volition beryllium heavy progressive successful recruiting and processing to fulfil existent and ongoing enactment and projects.

Initially you volition beryllium picking up the existing projects and workload which has traditionally been contracted retired to outer specialists. Current occurrence engineering projects see occurrence engineering reports connected plan projects for architectural and gathering services teams, moving intimately with surveying teams and undertaking EWS1 Surveys.

The perfect campaigner should beryllium based successful the South of England wrong commuting region of either Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and/or Tonbridge. We volition nevertheless see experienced candidates who are based anyplace successful the UK if you are mobile and flexible with regards to travel.

Professional Qualifications

  • An undergraduate grade successful Fire Engineering oregon a suitable equivalent undergraduate oregon postgraduate qualification.
  • A Chartered Fire Engineer is preferred, however, immoderate equivalent recognised qualifications volition beryllium considered for candidates with 5 years positive commercialized experience.
  • Strong cognition of UK legislation, standards and regulations, for example, BS9999, RRFSO, PAS79, PAS7, BS7974 and Building Regulations (as good arsenic cognition of different regulatory regimes).
  • Understanding of the MHCLG guidelines regarding outer partition systems on with the Building Regulations oregon the quality to larn this precise quickly.
  • Experience of undertaking occurrence hazard assessments crossed a assortment of spot types ranging from education, residential, healthcare, concern and commercial.
  • Experience of occurrence integrity/compartmentation surveys to place breaches, projected remedial repairs done to mentation of specification and design.
  • Ideally you volition person acquisition and cognition of undertaking EWS1 Cladding Survey Assessments.

We are looking to talk with candidates who tin show a affirmative attack to the role, candidates who are committed to delivering lawsuit work excellence, with bully commercialized results.

To beryllium considered for the relation you indispensable beryllium passionate astir occurrence information and volition strive to supply the highest levels of prime connected each committee and project.

You volition person a beardown enactment ethic, beryllium a originative occupation solver with fantabulous interpersonal skills, probe and study penning abilities and bully cognition of the regulations.

You volition beryllium capable to enactment arsenic portion of a squad and pb a team, checking and authorising occurrence engineering work.

We are looking to talk with candidates who tin show a way grounds of moving wrong teams and prioritising workloads whilst delivering to deadlines. You volition person the quality to successfully pb connected and negociate analyzable projects successful a proactive and diligent manner, managing projects from inception to completion.

My lawsuit is offering the palmy campaigner a precise competitory wage and package. You volition beryllium fixed the accidental to advancement rapidly wrong the consultancy.

The bundle besides includes the outgo of applicable nonrecreational subscriptions and memberships, backstage healthcare, 27-days vacation positive slope holidays, enhanced pension contributions and enhanced household affable benefits, positive much, overmuch more.

This truly is simply a fantastic accidental to articulation a increasing consultancy and play a cardinal portion successful the maturation and improvement of its Fire Engineering Division.

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Please enactment that owed to a precocious level of applications, we tin lone respond to applicants whose skills and qualifications are suitable for this position. No terminology successful this advert is intended to discriminate against immoderate of the protected characteristics that autumn nether the Equality Act 2010.

Bowerford Associates Ltd is acting arsenic an Employment Agency successful narration to this vacancy.