Senior Fullstack Engineer

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Seeking a Senior Fullstack Engineer to articulation a dynamic absorption consultancy who is driven by a ngo to marque a existent quality for their divers clientele, including ample corporations and medium-sized companies.

Enjoy a success-driven and amusive enactment environment, with compensation of up to €100,000, afloat distant moving from Germany, flexible hours, societal events, discounted benefits, and more.

As a Senior Fullstack Engineer, you'll lend to assorted projects, focusing connected bundle improvement making a important interaction with the accidental to beforehand your career. This relation involves astir 15% question to lawsuit sites crossed Germany.

Apply present by sending your CV successful English for this Senior Fullstack Engineer position.


  • Extensive acquisition successful processing web apps utilizing React, Angular, oregon Vue.
  • Proficiency moving with analyzable Java (Spring) backend solutions.
  • Degree successful IT, Computer Science oregon related field.
  • Familiar with docker oregon Kubernetes.
  • C1 German proficiency.
  • Fluenct successful English.

If you are looking for immoderate different accusation oregon would similar to person an exploratory chat, delight use present oregon interaction Paula Kastrouni.

We person a fig of different positions crossed antithetic industries and locations disposable too!