Senior Fullstack Java Developer

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Job Description

Senior Fullstack Software Developer

Our Client is simply a comparatively young institution but increasing rapidly successful the satellite of fiscal exertion solutions.

They are present looking to enlistee a Senior Fullstack Software Developer with astatine slightest 5 positive years expertise.

The perfect campaigner volition person large occupation solving and connection skills and beryllium comfy with accelerated paced design, improvement and deployment moving successful an agile environment.

Worked extensively connected iOS, Android & web apps and built complex, responsive and blase apps.

We are looking for a smart, innovative method pb to assistance america coordinate and thrust a task of gathering a next-gen high-performance app.

Duties and Responsibilities: Lead the method limb of the squad successful a accelerated iteration cycles, with choky deadlines utilizing an agile/scrum methodology, portion ensuring applications conscionable prime standards

Coordinate configuring, coding, developing, and documenting bundle specifications passim the task beingness rhythm (concept, design, build, deploy, trial and merchandise to app store; arsenic good arsenic station motorboat operations specified arsenic support, troubleshoot, improvements etc.)

Participate successful technical, design, and architecture discussions with outer partners from the concern sector

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to find concern requirements, arsenic good arsenic design, develop, and trial exertion codification to guarantee that concern requirements are met

Drive a champion practices attack to the continuous betterment of products, processes, and tools. Identify and close bottlenecks and hole bugs for each accumulation issues

Liaise with merchandise improvement squad to program caller features Research and suggest caller mobile products, applications and protocol

Qualifications / Experience:

Highly proficient successful React, Swift oregon Objective C, Java for mobile development; Rails, nodejs and Angular for web development

5 to 7 years of extended autochthonal mobile app (iOS & Android) and web app improvement acquisition

Demonstrable portfolio of released web apps, mobile applications connected the App store oregon the Android market

Experience with multi-threaded lawsuit software, client-server architecture and scaling systems

Experienced successful implementation of Methodologies and the Software Development Life-cycle (Agile)

Fully equipped with improvement Tools (Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse) and root power tools (Git, Stash)

Ability to execute successful a squad environment

Knowledge and acquisition with the Financial Information Exchange FIX Protocol would beryllium useful arsenic good arsenic moving with trading oregon currency speech technology.

This presumption is based successful the City London.

Salary volition beryllium circa £60K - £75K.

Please nonstop your CV successful Word format on with wage and availability.