Senior Hardware Design Engineer (SOC - FPGA & Firmware)

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Working for a cutting borderline shaper of abstraction / outer / aerospace semiconductor IP, I person a fantastic accidental to enactment connected the latest FPGA / ASIC technologies - fitting unneurotic with cardinal embedded & firmware elements for analyzable SOCs.

You volition beryllium portion of a halfway squad focusing on the latest technologies and developments for existent clip systems.

*Applicants indispensable beryllium eligible to enactment successful Spain*

Must person skills:

  • University grade - BSc / MSc / PhD successful Electronics, Microelectronics, Physics oregon Computer Science
  • Industry acquisition successful RTL plan / RTL coding / integer plan - for FPGA / ASIC (VHDL and / oregon Verilog) for
  • System plan & integration
  • SOC / IP integration for analyzable embedded processors - ARM / RISC-V
  • Good connection skills successful Spanish & English

Bonus / "nice-to-have" skills:

  • Understanding of standards: DO-254 / MIL / ECSS for firmware / bundle development
  • Digital Verification (UVM / strategy verilog)
  • Back-end / carnal plan / implementation of FPGAs
  • Testing / validation
  • Understanding of analog / mixed-signal IPs (AMS)
  • Matlab / Simulink modelling experience

Contact Name: Rob Hudson

Reference: TJ/801/V-192600

Job ID: 3312249


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