Senior HPC Software Engineer

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Would you similar to enactment connected an manufacture starring high-performance computing platform?

An accidental is present disposable for a Senior HPC Software Engineer to supply machine subject support, done improvement and deployment of bundle techniques and solutions.

Location: Aldermaston, West Berkshire. We are located betwixt Reading and Basingstoke, with plentifulness of onsite parking.

Package: £52,000+ (depending connected your suitability, qualifications, and level of experience)

A relocation bundle whitethorn besides beryllium disposable with this relation (terms & conditions apply).

Closing Date: 30th May 2024

Key Responsibilities:

  • Providing due assistance for porting circumstantial codes to caller platforms

  • Design, coding, testing, installation, and attraction of bundle modules

  • Production of suitable online documentation

  • Interacting with vendors, universities, and US laboratories connected leading-edge probe

  • Research level probe of precocious caller techniques for solution of multi-physics problems

  • Development of applicable benchmarks for assessing existent and aboriginal systems

  • Maintaining an consciousness of existent and aboriginal developments successful the HPC tract

Who are we looking for?

The perfect Senior HPC Software Engineer candidate volition person a PhD oregon a BSc/MSc successful Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, oregon different numerate subject positive astatine slightest 4 years applicable experience.

Whilst not to beryllium considered a checklist, we are funny successful proceeding from candidates who tin show cognition oregon acquisition successful respective of the pursuing areas:

  • The quality to programme successful C, C++, Fortran, oregon a akin high-level language.

  • Knowledge of machine architectures, successful particular, parallel architectures and their applicability to moving ample technological calculations.

  • Familiarity with parallel programming concepts - some threading and MPI benignant parallelism.

  • An knowing of bundle improvement beingness cycles.

  • An involvement successful processing technologies: software, hardware, and algorithms unneurotic with their usage and application.

  • Experience of utilizing debuggers and show investigation tools would beryllium advantageous.

  • Knowledge of open-source software.

  • Experience of moving successful Unix/Linux environment.

  • Ability to seizure bundle requirements and nutrient due implementations.

  • Software investigating experience.

  • Familiarity with scripting languages - e.g., bash, python.

  • Ability to constitute successful wide and concise connection connected method matters and summarise and contiguous specified worldly effectively.


What volition you get from us?

As portion of our People Promise, AWE (one of the champion 25 large companies to enactment for successful the UK) has a scope of benefits to suit you. These include:

  • Time to recharge your batteries with 270 hours of yearly permission (including Bank Holidays).

  • 9-day moving fortnight - each different Friday disconnected work.

  • Flexible moving hours.

  • Consideration for flexible moving arrangements truthful that your enactment whitethorn acceptable successful with your lifestyle. Just fto america cognize connected your exertion if you privation to enactment portion time.

  • Family affable policies: Maternity Leave - 39 Weeks Full Pay and Paternity Leave - 4 Weeks Full Pay.

  • Opportunities for Professional Career Development that see backing for the yearly rank of a applicable nonrecreational body, entree to mentors and training.

  • Employee Assistance Programme and Occupational Health Services.

  • A marketplace starring contributory pension strategy (we volition wage betwixt 9% and 13% of your pensionable wage depending connected your ain contribution).

  • Life Assurance.

  • Discounts - entree to savings connected a wide scope of mundane spending savings.

  • Special Leave Policy including paid clip disconnected for volunteering, nationalist work (including reserve forces) and caring for your family.

  • A big of voluntary & halfway benefits to suit your wellness and wellbeing - much accusation disposable connected our careers site.

Important things you request to know:

  • You indispensable beryllium a British national who has been nonmigratory successful the UK for the past 10 years.

  • Interviews volition beryllium 90 minutes successful magnitude and volition beryllium held implicit Microsoft Teams. You volition beryllium required to hole a 10-minute presumption successful advance.

  • Candidates indispensable beryllium consenting and capable to get and support the indispensable information clearance for the role. This volition beryllium funded by AWE.


* Agencies: Please enactment that we bash not out-source our recruitment