Senior Infrastructure Engineer

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Seeking a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to articulation a dynamic startup revolutionising industries for a amended world. Paying up to £100,000 positive important equity shares.

Located successful Farringdon; minimal onsite requirements with reimbursed travel/accommodation erstwhile occasional question is required.

As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer, you volition thrust impactful alteration with cutting-edge AI tech. It's a accidental to beryllium portion of thing genuinely transformative, gathering the aboriginal of software, taking ownership of my client’s unreality infrastructure and operations.


  • Cloud Infrastructure acquisition astatine a elder level.
  • Proficient with Terraform oregon Kubernetes.
  • Experience with AWS, GCP oregon Azure.
  • Previous acquisition gathering infra for endeavor SaaS.
  • Coding acquisition with Python, Golang oregon thing similar.
  • Bachelors oregon higher successful Computer Science, Mathematics, oregon related field.

Apply present for this Senior Infrastructure Engineer relation oregon interaction Paula Kastrouni  for much details. We person a fig of different roles disposable too.

Contact Name: Paula Kastrouni

Reference: TJ/801/V-195557

Job ID: 3313877


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