Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Cloud

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DWP. Digital with Purpose.

Are you an experienced Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer?

We're looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to articulation our astonishing DWP Digital community.

This is simply a fantastic accidental to articulation DWP Hybrid Cloud Services arsenic a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer and to make innovative integer solutions that marque a quality to the lives of our 22 cardinal users.

DWP is the UK's largest authorities department. We assistance radical into enactment and marque payments worthy implicit £195bn a twelvemonth to enactment immoderate of the astir susceptible radical successful our society.

Our DWP Digital teams are driving a once-in-a-generation translation of authorities services, utilizing caller ideas and leading-edge technologies to make innovative, scalable and user-centric integer solutions.

You'll assistance alteration the look of nationalist services utilized by astir each idiosyncratic successful the UK. The standard of what we bash is extraordinary, and our intent is unique. We'd emotion you to articulation us.

Design. Work. Pipelines.

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer you volition enactment successful an agile multidisciplinary squad gathering and operating products and services that are consumed by the remainder of DWP Digital.

You volition physique centralised, shared unreality infrastructure services that let exertion teams to build, deploy and standard applications rapidly to service our citizens.

You volition design, implement, administer and enactment unreality infrastructure technologies, solutions and services specified as:

  • Networking and unreality connectivity
  • Continuous integration
  • Container administration
  • PaaS and SaaS services.

Tell maine more:

You volition person a heavy knowing of unreality tools and technologies, particularly astir infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD pipelines, containers and unreality networking.

You should besides person an appreciation of accusation security, designing solutions and services with information controls embedded, specifically engineered arsenic mitigation against information threats arsenic a halfway portion of the solutions and services.

What skills, cognition and acquisition volition you need?

The palmy campaigner volition person demonstrable acquisition of gathering and operating systems successful astatine slightest 3 of these areas:

  • Implementation and attraction of CI/CD pipelines utilizing Gitlab oregon equivalent
  • Container physique and runtime environments
  • Writing and maintaining Infrastructure arsenic Code
  • Cloud networking
  • Operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux
  • Kubernetes medication and associated technologies e.g. Flux, Helm.

Details. Wages. Perks.

You'll articulation america successful 1 of our superb integer hubs successful Blackpool, Leeds, Manchester oregon Newcastle, whichever is astir convenient for you.

We besides person each the tools and tech we request to alteration our radical to enactment and collaborate flexibly. We enactment a hybrid model, with immoderate clip astatine location and immoderate clip successful a hub with the team.

We connection competitory wage of up to £73,153.

You'll beryllium eligible for a superb civilian work pension with leader contributions worthy over a minimum of £15,000 per year.

You'll get a generous permission bundle starting astatine 26 days, positive each the accustomed slope holidays, and the enactment to instrumentality extra days off connected flexi leave.

We besides person a wide benefits bundle built astir your work-life equilibrium which includes:

  • Flexible working, flexi hours and flexi days
  • Hybrid working: immoderate clip successful a hub with the team, immoderate clip astatine home
  • Family-friendly policies
  • Time disconnected volunteering and charitable giving
  • Bring your authentic aforesaid to enactment with 'I Can Be Me successful DWP'
  • Discounts and savings connected shopping, amusive days retired and more
  • Interest-free loans to bargain a motorcycle oregon a play ticket, truthful it's adjacent easier for you to get to enactment and commencement making a difference
  • Working successful an award-winning situation and culture
  • Professional development, coaching, mentoring and vocation progression opportunities


Stage 1: Application

Stage 2: Interview

We cognize however invaluable your clip is. We person a wide and succinct hiring process with lone TWO STAGES.

Click use present to spot the afloat occupation statement and get started with the adjacent measurement successful your vocation astatine DWP Digital.