Senior IT Manager

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Job Title: Senior IT Manager

Location: Oldham

Salary: DOE

Job Type: Full time, Permanent

Purpose Of Job:

To negociate each accusation technology, machine systems, infrastructure, hardware, and bundle connected a day-to-day operational ground crossed some the Oldham and Sheffield sites. To champion best practices and continuous betterment successful presumption of information and work delivery.


  • Oversees each activities of the IT department. They find the company's existent and aboriginal IT needs and instrumentality systems to conscionable requirements
  • Lead the IT department's infrastructure, concern and connection systems, and bundle to guarantee creaseless functioning of each systems and networks
  • Manage and mentor the IT team, conducting appraisals and show reviews
  • Develop and instrumentality IT strategies and initiatives aligned with organisational objectives
  • Establish IT policies, champion signifier guides, and systems of moving for the organisation
  • Oversee each IT projects, updates, upgrades, and continuous improvements
  • Ensure compliance with information extortion and cybersecurity protocols, including managing information breaches.
  • Manage and present interior IT training, including cybersecurity consciousness including maintaining Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus requirements, certifications, and renewals
  • Collaborate with departments to recognize their needs and supply suitable IT solutions
  • Troubleshoot hardware and bundle issues, coordinating with vendors for support
  • Keep abreast of manufacture trends and champion practices to continually amended IT systems and services

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Bachelor's grade successful accusation systems management, machine networks, oregon akin field
  • Strong knowing of server management, virtualization, and unreality computing platforms
  • Proven acquisition with IT infrastructure components, including databases, retention solutions, and backup systems
  • Ability to construe concern requirements into businesslike IT solutions
  • Proficiency successful cybersecurity practices, including menace detection, prevention, and incidental response
  • Professional enactment ethic with a client-driven absorption and attraction to detail
  • Familiarity with IT task absorption methodologies and tools
  • Capacity to collaborate with cross-functional teams to execute organisational objectives
  • Strategic reasoning to expect aboriginal IT needs and program accordingly
  • Effective connection skills (verbal and written) to interact with stakeholders astatine each levels
  • Ability to construe method issues and concepts into concern language
  • This database is not exhaustive, and the jobholder volition beryllium expected to execute different tenable tasks commensurate with the role

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Candidates with the acquisition oregon applicable occupation titles of; IT Service Manager, IT Manager, IT Team Leader, IT Services Manager, IT Systems Manager, IT Director, IT Service Manager, Technical Project Lead, IT Technical Manager, IT Project Manager, Technical Director, Technical Services Lead, Cybersecurity, Troubleshooting, whitethorn besides beryllium considered for this role.