Senior Java Software Application Development Engineer

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Job Description

Senior Java Software Application Development Engineer

A Senior Application Engineer with beardown expertise successful the improvement and attraction of endeavor level, Java JEE based systems.

The campaigner volition beryllium portion of a squad liable for processing and maintaining the KYCView exertion utilized by our Compliance business.

Duties volition see designing and processing caller exertion features / codification wrong the existing exertion framework, and researching, identifying, and devising solutions for bundle defects wrong the application.

KYCView is written successful Java, and involves the integration of JEE, web services, Oracle, IBM BPM and ODM, and MQ.

Demonstrated expertise successful analyzing and knowing existing exertion architectures, and processing solutions wrong a pre-existing framework, is simply a must.

The Client is looking for a seasoned Java nonrecreational with 7 to 12 years positive expertise successful moving Java.


  • Design and improvement of enhancements wrong KYCView exertion model
  • Research and resoluteness defects during each phases of the bundle improvement cycle
  • Support and execute functional and show investigating
  • Assists successful troubleshooting accumulation situation and tuning the environments
  • Provides guidance connected infrastructure and situation setup
  • Ensures method champion practices are followed during each phases of the task
  • Provides guidance connected intended solution and champion practices during development, configuration and investigating phases
  • Performs codification reviews and ensures standards are applied to each solution constituent

Qualifications Required:

  • Strong, disciplined analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Must person astatine slightest 10 + years of acquisition successful design, implementation, and audit / reappraisal of systems applications, and codification
  • Extensive Java, JEE n-tier exertion acquisition
  • Experience successful design, implementation, and audit / reappraisal of endeavor wide, ample standard implementations.
  • Knowledge and acquisition with, WAS, AngularJS 1.x and AngularJS5.0, JavaScript, Java, JPA (Open JPA), Spring Hibernate, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, NodeJS, XML, Servlet and JSP.
  • Experience with SOAP and REST based WebService development.
  • Designed Application successful Object Oriented Programming Methodology [OOP] utilizing Component Methodology (Top Down), Catalysis Methodology (Bottom Up).
  • Experience successful Spring IOC and J2EE CDI and should person developed exertion utilizing "Enterprise Architecture Models".
  • Good acquisition successful recognizing and reusing Design Patterns -GOF, J2EE plan patterns, Architectural patterns, SOA Design Patterns, Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  • Experience with WebSphere Application server is required.
  • Good cognition connected logical and carnal Data Modeling utilizing normalizing Techniques.
  • Good cognition of automated CI physique and deployment infrastructure and processes for aggregate projects utilizing tools similar Jenkins ,CARA,GIT and Stash.
  • BS/BA grade successful Computer Science oregon related enactment acquisition required.
  • Strong Hands connected acquisition successful concern entity modeling utilizing Hibernate/JPA.

You indispensable person eligibility to enactment successful the United States.

This is simply a 12 period declaration assignment.

The Client and the relation is based successful downtown New York, USA.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint successful USD and your availability.