Senior MI Business and Analyst

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Job Description

Senior MI Business Analyst/Project Manager

Our Client is simply a slope based successful the City and are looking to enlistee a Senior MI Business Analyst with Project Management skills. You volition person astatine slightest 6 to 10 years proven hands-on expertise.
Focus of the role:
Help the organisation (Senior Management and SMEs) to reappraisal concern and fiscal show of the organisation based connected information and facts, beforehand knowing of the concern occurrence factors, concern results and risks.

Develop method and concern solutions for MI, alteration effectual information absorption and sourcing of the information for MI, reporting and task activities.

Interact with vendors, Project teams and Development squad successful London and different sites to align transportation of the MI and sourcing of the information crossed concern functions and entities.
Develop MI and Reports predominantly for the concern functions and SMEs, based connected their requirements and expressed needs. Interact with different accusation workers (in concern and concern teams) to guarantee the information produced by those are sync'ed and "tells aforesaid story".

Ensure the wide strategy of the information absorption wrong the Bank, defender and rationalise improvement oregon caller information sources for MI purposes, align concern and method knowing of the disposable information with the requirements.

Facilitate and pb enhancements of the disposable information sources that would assistance the organisational show and usher the organisation successful effort to optimise and automate concern processes to cod and usage information for reporting and MI purposes.

Working with squad members and Subject Matter Experts oregon SMEs connected identifying, designing, building, and performing analytics to supply risks and controls insights to concern partners & Internal Audit

Document concern MI Solutions to guarantee this cognition is retained wrong the organisation, interact with operational and exertion absorption regarding access, processing, reporting, and integrity of root systems and information repositories, to amended them connected information disposable to successful organisation, however the information could beryllium used.

Influence the method squad and the concern to guarantee the method situation code existent and aligned with aboriginal concern needs and organisational skills.
Key Skills:

o Advance SQL querying skills, quality to constitute analyzable SSRS formulas

o In-depth cognition of MS SQL Server and acquisition to present MI and reporting solutions utilizing the full spectrum of the MI solutions (SSIS, SSRS, Power BI) ideally connected aboriginal versions (2013/2016) and assistance the organisation to migrate to aboriginal versions.

o Exposure and high-level knowing of the SSAS and MDX connection (although the organisation presently does not usage OLAP).

o Good vulnerability to PowerBI and beforehand cognition of DAX (query language) and information modelling utilizing this tool.

o Good moving cognition of Excel capability, usage of the reporting purposes, and formulas; desired VBA skills to optimise the information presentation.

o Ideally, moving cognition of Hyperion/Essbase.

o Working cognition of SharePoint and its usage to negociate the MI, automate MI and reporting workflow, accusation and study distribution.

o Good moving signifier designing information collections by utilizing Kimball methodology.


o Practical knowing of the Data Visualisation techniques and principles.

o High-level knowing of the information absorption and its interaction connected organisation's bottommost line.

o Stakeholder absorption and interpersonal skills to recognize the concern requirements, nexus them to a concern communicative and softly usher SME by delivering the requested MI.

o Some knowing of the architectural principles, Agile methodology to prosecute users and present concern solutions.

o Ability to pass analyzable method concepts and communicative to concern assemblage and non-technical teams.

This is simply a Full Time Contract - duration is 12 months.

Salary volition beryllium babelike upon acquisition and expertise - but volition beryllium successful the scope £60K - £75K.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.