Senior Network Engineer

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At Companies House, hybrid moving is astir achieving an effectual equilibrium betwixt moving successful the bureau and moving from different due locations. Our attack to hybrid moving provides opportunities for you to beryllium adaptable successful the mode you enactment truthful that you tin execute a steadfast equilibrium betwixt your enactment and location life. We presently expect those connected hybrid contracts to be their basal bureau a minimum of 1 time a week but the nonstop grade of prime you person volition beryllium connected your relation and your day-to-day enactment activities and should beryllium agreed done discussions with your enactment manager.  The bulk of our integer teams are based successful our Cardiff caput office. Hybrid moving is available, the palmy campaigner indispensable person the quality to be our Cardiff bureau to transportation retired remedial enactment connected our carnal infrastructure.

About the job

We person an breathtaking accidental to articulation our Network Services squad successful Companies House!  

We are looking for an experienced Senior Network Engineer to supply captious web services to Companies House. You volition beryllium liable for some day-to-day enactment of the web infrastructure and strategical and tactical enhancements. These see the migration of halfway services to the unreality (AWS & Azure) and on-premise upgrades to the web technology. 

You volition beryllium portion of a tiny web squad that supports some on-site and cloud-hosted web services connected a 24/7/365 ground (this includes participating successful an on-call rota). In addition, you volition beryllium expected to enactment with colleagues to present infrastructure improvements to the existing LAN and WAN infrastructure. 

Companies House offers a flexible and welcoming civilization that promotes a steadfast enactment beingness equilibrium arsenic good arsenic a proactive attack to wellbeing that allows america to beryllium our champion astatine work. We recognise that radical are the cardinal to our occurrence truthful connection a fantastic benefits bundle including flexible moving with nary halfway hours, 30 Days Annual Leave, 8 Bank Holidays and 1 Privilege Day arsenic good arsenic enrolment into the Civil Service Pension Scheme with a publication complaint averaging 27%. 


The responsibilities for the relation includes:  

  • Member of the Network Team which provides 24/7/365 method attraction and enactment for the Companies House Network. This includes participating successful an on-call rota.  Details tin beryllium discussed successful much item but would beryllium connected mean erstwhile each 5 weeks, depending connected squad availability and concern needs.  
  • Assisting with the implementation of the unreality (AWS & Azure) web infrastructure required to big each CH systems which are successful the process of being migrated from on-premise to the cloud. 
  • Implementing method improvements and upgrades to the web infrastructure. 

About us  

The Network Team is portion of the IT Services Team which sits successful the Digital and Technology Directorate. The Directorate has implicit 200 interior unit who are supplemented by outer contractors and third-party resources arsenic necessary.  

The IT Services Team is liable for day-to-day enactment and maintaining the availability of each IT services wrong the organisation including some the customer-facing systems utilized by the nationalist and the interior systems utilized by staff.  

We'll enactment you to conscionable different commitments and assistance you find a amended work-life balance. 

Person specification

We are looking for the pursuing experience, which volition beryllium assessed astatine sift and astatine interview. Please code these slug points beneath erstwhile penning your idiosyncratic connection (excluding behaviours).  

We are looking for individuals with:  

  • A precocious level of method skills arsenic outlined below 
  • The thrust and enthusiasm to enactment the network 
  • Experience of delivering web infrastructure upgrades 
  • Self-motivation and assurance successful engaging with extremity users astatine each levels crossed the organisation 
  • The quality to beryllium an fantabulous squad subordinate who is consenting to enactment intimately with colleagues some wrong the contiguous Network squad and the wider IT Services squad successful bid to resoluteness immoderate service-affecting incidents that arise 
  • Experience of moving wrong a 24/7 enactment environment 

We are looking for cognition and acquisition successful the pursuing technologies:  

  • Cloud environments specifically AWS and Azure e.g. Transit Gateway, Azure Firewall 
  • Network information successful on-premise and unreality environments including firewall technologies (traditional layer3/4 and WAF) and DDoS 
  • Layer 2 and furniture 3 switched and routed networks, preferably utilizing Cisco hardware 
  • Routing protocols, successful peculiar EIGRP and BGP 
  • Configuration and absorption of distant entree technologies e.g. Cisco VPN 
  • Wireless LANs preferably utilizing Cisco APs and WLCs 
  • WAN technologies ideally MPLS and IPSEC VPN 
  • Network absorption tools specified arsenic WhatsUp Gold and Cisco Prime/DNA Center 
  • Ideally certified successful Cisco technologies oregon moving towards qualification 

Alongside your wage of £33,134, Companies House contributes £8,946 towards you being a subordinate of the Civil Service Defined Benefit Pension scheme.

Join america astatine Companies House and acquisition the quality of moving wrong a civilization that values you, not lone arsenic an employee, but arsenic an integral portion of our Companies House team. 

We judge that our occurrence is driven by the well-being and restitution of our squad members astatine each levels of the organisation. At Companies House we're committed to providing a broad benefits bundle that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your vocation travel with america is not lone fulfilling, but besides rewarding. We pridefulness ourselves connected offering a prime work-life equilibrium with our worker wellbeing being cardinal to our moving practices. 

We observe diversity... 

As an adjacent accidental employer, we observe diversity, being committed to ensuring we're typical of the citizens we service and creating an inclusive environment. Everyone successful Companies House brings thing different, and truthful volition you. To fulfil our committedness to recruiting and attracting divers endowment we invited applications from underrepresented groups. We besides invited applications from Welsh speakers. 

We are arrogant to beryllium a disablement assured leader. Our recruitment process is afloat inclusive and we tin marque adjustments arsenic needed done our process. These could see having an interrogation buddy, other clip astatine interviews/assessments and receiving interrogation questions successful advance, to sanction a few. We volition beryllium blessed to sermon immoderate person-centred adjustments, delight interaction us.

Where volition you beryllium working? 

You volition beryllium aligned to our Cardiff Office, wherever we are presently utilizing a hybrid attack to the mode we work. Our attack to hybrid moving provides opportunities for you to beryllium adaptable successful the mode you enactment truthful that you tin execute a steadfast equilibrium betwixt your enactment and location life. The grade of prime you person volition beryllium connected concern need, your relation and your day-to-day enactment activities and volition beryllium discussed astatine connection stage.

We're currently exploring options for caller bureau abstraction successful the Cardiff and surrounding areas arsenic we're owed to beryllium moving from our existent gathering - articulation america connected this travel wherever we tin enactment you successful your vocation and nonrecreational growth. Details are inactive being confirmed astir our caller gathering and we're keeping each our colleagues updated.