Senior Pensions Implementation Analyst - Configuration Team

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Help fortify our Configuration Pension Implementation Team. We are presently looking for a fig of Senior Implementation Analysts to articulation our homebased team.

The Configuration Team beryllium wrong our Implementation Department whose work it is to instrumentality archetypal people pension medication solutions for our caller and existing clients. Our span of projects tin scope from ample bluish spot strategical transformational deliveries done to tiny bespoke lawsuit solutions. Working intimately with different stakeholders our activities and skills are wide and varied. You volition beryllium supporting  Project Managers and Implementation Consultants done the businesslike transportation of task tasks and mentoring and coaching Implementation Analysts.

What you'll beryllium doing:

    '€¢Analyse Calculation requirements'€¢Undertake strategy configuration, information anlysis, and testing'€¢Upload and download strategy data'€¢Participate successful lawsuit meetings and task presumption calls'€¢Liaise with clients, 3rd parties and Capita departments'€¢Support the method improvement of our exertion platforms done information successful caller and/or enhanced developments'€¢Provide enactment to the enactment manager successful the effectual absorption of immoderate unit nether their nonstop control'€¢Support the accumulation of requirements documentation'€¢Facilitate interior and outer strategy grooming erstwhile required

What we're looking for:

    '€¢End to extremity acquisition of the task lifecycle - capable to picture the cardinal elements of projects including initiation, governance, power and closure and tin supply examples of progressive information successful each of these stages'€¢Can draught an automated excel calculator with basal formula'€¢Can manipulate information with bully information accuracyIs capable to explain:
      '€¢pension subordinate records and their acceptable up'€¢the relationships betwixt members, Trustees, schemes, actuaries, funds and investments'€¢different types of Pension Schemes'€¢different types of subordinate status' and applicable calculations for each
    '€¢Able to draught and construe calculation proformas successful bid to draught script matrices to incorporated each applicable scenarios'€¢Able to draught and cheque trial program to item each expected results and strategy updates

About Capita Pensions Solutions:

At Capita Pension Solutions (CPS), we make and instrumentality resilient and liable pension strategies to assistance your organisation and your radical look guardant to a much unafraid fiscal future. From pensions medication and consultancy to the latest exertion and engagement techniques, we assistance guarantee sustainable investments which enactment your success. Join america and observe amended ways to prosecute with and worth today's employees.

What tin we connection you?

In this role, you would person the accidental to adhd existent worth from the outset and thrust the absorption of the team. whilst moving connected a big of high-profile pension projects that volition assistance you larn and germinate caller and existing skills. We besides judge successful offering flexible moving solutions that suit your needs, whether that's from home, from your nearest Capita office.

Along with you basal wage we besides offer:

    '€¢Company matched pension, beingness assurance, 15 weeks' afloat paid maternity, adoption and shared parental leave, paternity wage of 2 weeks...and plentifulness more!

What we anticipation you'll bash next:  

Choose 'Apply now' to capable retired our abbreviated application, truthful that we tin find retired much astir you.  

We're an adjacent accidental and Disability Confident employer, which means we enlistee and make radical based connected their merit and passion. We're committed to providing an inclusive, barrier-free recruitment process and moving situation for everyone. If you request the occupation statement oregon exertion signifier successful an alternate format (such arsenic ample people oregon audio), oregon if you'd similar to sermon different changes oregon enactment you mightiness request going forward, delight email Iqbal astatine Click present to interaction this recruiter " target="_blank"> Click present to interaction this recruiter oregon telephone [Telephone fig removed] and we'll get backmost to you. For much accusation astir adjacent opportunities and process adjustments, delight sojourn the Capita Careers website.