Senior PHP Developer

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Job Description

Senior PHP Developer

The perfect campaigner volition person a minimum of 8 years commercialized acquisition with PHP and MySQL moving connected a Linux server with bully acquisition of Database Optimisation and Caching Technologies. You volition beryllium conscionable beneath the Tech Director and assistance execute immoderate of the task that helium does which are causing bottlenecks.

You volition beryllium moving manus successful manus with our passionate in-house developer squad helping amended and grow, our high-end, scalable e-commerce platform. You volition beryllium expected to bash improvement work, on with getting progressive successful spec writing, assisting PMs with task planning, codification reviews, architecture overview and implementation and assisting with the Company roadworthy map.

You could either already beryllium a Lead Developer/Development Manager etc. with afloat enactment implicit a improvement team.

Required Skills :

At Least 8+ years of Commercial Experience and Knowledge of:


MySQL, including database optimisation




Unit Testing




Caching Technologies, specified arsenic MemCached, Redis oregon Varnish

Ability to stock and pass ideas clearly, some orally and penning successful impeccable English language

Must person the quality to proactively pb improvement teams and supply method direction

Capacity to enactment independently oregon arsenic portion of a squad and run to choky deadlines

Advantageous But Not Essential:

Great cognition of Apache, specifically Mod Rewrite

Good moving cognition of Linux, including bid line

Server medication experience

Ecommerce experience


Salary volition beryllium £60K - £65K.

Send your CV to america successful Word format, on with your wage and availability details.