Senior Physical Design Engineer

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Senior Physical Design Engineer - Paris

This is an breathtaking accidental for a Senior Physical Design Engineer to articulation a fabless Semiconductor institution who plan highly integrated mixed awesome products which are utilized successful a scope of markets specified arsenic wireless communications, defence, and aerospace.

In this relation you volition enactment astatine spot and artifact level to assistance execute authorities of the creation integrated circuits successful their CMOS technology.

Located successful Paris determination is ever thing to bash whether it beryllium looking astatine the Cities celebrated Architecture, visiting 1 of their galore parks and gardens oregon visiting connected of their theatres oregon bars. Paris besides has fantabulous nationalist transport links for wrong the metropolis to get to neighbouring countries, truthful you tin research everywhere, and you won’t adjacent request a car!


  • A Masters of PhD successful Electrical Engineer oregon a related field
  • 6+ years of hands-on experience
  • Experiencing moving crossed the full travel from RTL2GDSII
  • Background successful integer physics and awesome processing
  • Knowledge of integer hardware descriptive languages specified arsenic VHDL oregon Verilog
  • Experience moving successful Mixed- Signal IC’s is highly desirable
  • Experience with Cadence oregon Synopsys tools
  • Must beryllium capable to fluently connection successful English (oral and written)

My lawsuit besides has besides has respective different sites successful France truthful determination won’t beryllium an issue.

For much accusation connected this relation oregon others past delight interaction Jordan Browne  on+ 44 (0)118 907 3075.