Senior Pricing Manager

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Senior Pricing Manager
£65,000 - £85,000 per annum

Our client, a starring institution successful the Insurance industry, is presently seeking a talented idiosyncratic to articulation their Data Analytics section arsenic a Senior Pricing Manager.

Role & Responsibilities:

* Develop and instrumentality pricing strategies to amended lawsuit retention
* Analyse information to urge pricing adjustments for idiosyncratic lines products
* Collaborate with merchandise improvement squad to heighten existing offerings
* Utilise information analytics tools to place trends and opportunities for improvement
* Monitor and way the interaction of pricing decisions connected lawsuit retention
* Stay informed of manufacture trends and champion practices successful idiosyncratic lines pricing

Key skills:

* Experience successful Personal Lines Pricing & Product Development
* Strong inheritance successful information analytics and statistical modeling
* Proficiency successful information visualisation tools specified arsenic Tableau oregon Power BI
* Experience utilizing Radar & Emblem (preferred)
* Excellent connection and presumption skills
* Ability to enactment collaboratively successful a fast-paced environment

This is simply a imperishable occupation presumption with the accidental for vocation maturation and improvement wrong a dynamic and innovative company. If you are a motivated idiosyncratic with a passionateness for information analytics and pricing strategy, we promote you to apply.