Senior / Principal Engineer, C+

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Elegant approaches to ultra-low latency bundle engineering

Contribute to the authorities of the creation successful precocious performance, debased latency algorithmic bundle wherever nanoseconds matter. Exercise your creativity and machine subject cognition successful creating bundle which pushes the velocity limit. Collaborate with hardware engineers and sculpt prime C++ codification with a afloat trial suite.

You'd beryllium joining a specialised planetary exertion steadfast successful their Cambridge office, with hybrid moving available. They are experts successful their tract and purpose to person a affirmative societal impact, contributing to bully causes.

Your C++ skills and broad cognition of information structures, algorithms and concurrency volition service you good here. You whitethorn beryllium idiosyncratic who peculiarly enjoys unorthodox and caller optimisations which others wouldn't person thought of. You'll apt person a beardown method grade and you volition person afloat existing UK enactment support without sponsorship.

Overall your expertise volition include:
   •      A elder engineer's familiarity, independence, captious thinking, collaborative skills and method initiative
   •      Software plan skills for elegant, precocious performance, casual to support code
   •      Extensive cognition of information structures, algorithms, complexity and concurrency
   •      Strong C++ connection cognition and coding skills

Relevant method knowledge:
   •      Concurrency (multithreading, synchronisation and alternatives, parallel hardware)
   •      CPU architecture (CPI, dynamic execution, caching levels, cache misses, pipeline stalls)
   •      Data structures (linear, tree, hash and graph), algorithm enactment and complexity (big O) 
   •      Networking (standard packet protocols, show successful peculiar contexts)
   •      Linux improvement (user and/or kernel space) and scripting languages (bash, Python)
   •      Git, Agile techniques, CI/CD positive TDD oregon different comprehensively tested code

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