Senior RF Design Manager

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The Senior RF Design Manager is liable for overseeing Hardware and Platform improvement projects, arsenic good arsenic Support Level-2 activities, with the enactment of the Technical Manager. Additionally, they volition supply method guidance and assets enactment to the Tech Leads liable for assorted projects.

This relation entails broad engagement successful the full merchandise realisation process, including enactment with cardinal customers and collaboration with a divers cross-site squad to present high-performance RF products to high-volume markets.

Profile arsenic a Senior RF Design Manager:

  • The perfect campaigner should person a beardown RF plan inheritance and a heavy knowing of wireless markets, on with the IC and MCM exertion indispensable to conscionable cutting-edge merchandise requirements.
  • As a pivotal person successful merchandise development, ensuring the accordant usage of the latest plan methodologies is important to warrant high-quality, on-time merchandise launches.
  • Exceptional enactment and lawsuit narration skills are a must.
  • Demonstrates a beardown consciousness of ownership and responsibility.
  • Excels successful a fast-paced, multicultural squad situation and astatine each organisational levels.
  • Possesses a originative mindset with robust problem-solving abilities.
  • Maintains a team-oriented attitude.
  • Exhibits fantabulous connection and presumption skills.

Responsibilities arsenic a Senior RF Design Manager:

  • Accountable for managing the wide occurrence of merchandise improvement teams wrong the RF department.
  • Drive and oversee RF merchandise and IP improvement for TX/RX wireless modules successful alignment with the selling roadmap done regular squad meetings and reviews.
  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary squad crossed the institution passim the full merchandise improvement beingness cycle, encompassing RF design, packaging, product, and trial engineering.
  • Work intimately with Marketing and customers to specify merchandise specifications and requirements thoroughly.
  • Ensure the usage of the latest simulation methodologies and checklists to guarantee robust, bug-free merchandise development, on with meticulous tracking of merchandise performance, improvements, and gaps passim the improvement cycle.
  • Participate successful the recruitment, mentoring, and grooming of caller squad members.
  • Provide regular presumption updates to elder management.
  • Mentor and usher Technical Leads liable for the method execution of merchandise development.
  • Ensure the ownership of task squad improvement strategy and deliverables, including securing the indispensable resources (both unit and tools) from task inception to wide production.
  • Effectively pass section and task advancement and presumption done emails, reports, and presentations.
  • Analyse RF data, pb investigations, update documentation, and promptly code task and lawsuit issues arsenic they arise.


  • Possess an engineering degree/MSc successful Computing, Mathematics, oregon Engineering.
  • Experience successful RF Design, Testing, oregon System Design, with acquisition successful a telecommunications situation being a invaluable asset.
  • Demonstrate fantabulous connection and enactment skills, a beardown committedness to achieving goals, and the quality to thrive successful a team-based environment.
  • Exhibit in-depth cognition of RF components, including Switch/LNA/PA.
  • Show proficiency successful RF simulation tools specified arsenic ADS, Cadence, and EM tools.
  • Have acquisition with RF measurement techniques and equipment, including spectrum analysers and awesome generators.
  • Prior acquisition starring merchandise improvement from inception to completion, including nonstop engagement successful designing and simulating RF components utilizing EM tools.

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