Senior RF Director

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We are moving with an manufacture starring Semiconductor components company.who is seeking a Senior RF Director to articulation their established squad successful Greensboro, NC.

In this presumption arsenic a Senior RF Director, you volition pb assorted section plan teams, comprising plan engineers, technicians, and validation engineers, to steer the advancement of their PA and Front-End Modules.

Your responsibilities see promptly outlining architectures, executing speedy feasibility studies, and spearheading cost-efficiency initiatives, each wrong stringent lawsuit improvement timelines. The extremity is to support a starring borderline successful sampling, production, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Meeting these goals demands outstanding method expertise, concern acumen, interpersonal prowess, and the capableness to motivate teams toward inventive solutions, collaborative efforts, and streamlined merchandise improvement methodologies passim each stage.

This relation demands adept cross-functional team-building capabilities, collaborating intimately with Marketing, System Engineering, Program Management, Product Engineering, Test Engineering, Wafer Fabrication Engineering, Design Enablement, Component Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources. Our clients civilization encourages accelerated decision-making, sharing of champion practices, and a consciousness of idiosyncratic ownership to foster unparalleled merchandise instauration and swift effect to lawsuit requirements. You volition play a pivotal relation successful driving institution and Business Unit success.

An fantabulous grasp of high-efficiency, low-cost powerfulness amplifiers and integrated RF front-end modules for the cellular mobile communications marketplace is crucial. You indispensable show beardown cross-functional leadership, effectual lawsuit enactment skills, outstanding connection prowess, and a passionateness for method squad enactment and development.

Responsibilities arsenic a Senior RF Director:

  • Lead aggregate module designs presently successful improvement for cardinal customers, acting arsenic the superior interface portion ensuring programme improvement remains connected way and show is astatine the forefront.
  • Conduct elaborate architecture, level planning, outgo estimation, docket estimation, specification negotiation, assets estimation, and hazard appraisal for identified caller merchandise improvement programs.
  • Allocate and way resources to place opportunities for initiating further projects and recognize the capabilities and limitations of disposable resources.
  • Ensure due grooming and mentoring of caller squad members and enactment the nonrecreational improvement of each squad members.
  • Collaborate intimately with merchandise leads to guarantee they person the indispensable resources to execute captious goals and negociate assets conflicts effectively.
  • Participate successful recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding activities to pull apical talent.
  • Provide regular advancement updates to Senior Management connected extremity achievement.
  • Facilitate and pb elaborate method discussions with assorted customers to specify architectures, behaviour feasibility studies, and enactment strategy studies.


  • Bachelor’s grade successful Electrical Engineering; Master’s preferred.
  • Excellent presumption and information investigation skills.
  • Experience successful Front End oregon Module level development.
  • Proven way grounds of starring multidisciplinary teams and moving collaboratively crossed boundaries.
  • Strong squad absorption experience.


  • Healthcare (Premium-free aesculapian program option).
  • 401(k) program and institution match.
  • Employee banal acquisition plan.
  • Paid vacation, sickness and parental leave.

If you are funny successful this presumption arsenic a Senior RF Director, delight interaction Zac Taylor.