Senior RF Filter Engineer

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We are moving with a starring planetary exertion institution astatine the forefront of innovation successful telecommunications, user electronics, and endeavor solutions. Our lawsuit is looking to onboard a Senior RF Filter Engineer into their renowned Munich office. Munich offers a affluent taste country with historical landmarks, world-class museums, vibrant festivals, and a renowned arts community. The metropolis consistently ranks arsenic 1 of the champion places to live, featuring fantabulous nationalist services, top-tier healthcare, and a safe, cleanable environment. Experience a dynamic blend of nonrecreational maturation and exceptional prime of life. Known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and thriving exertion scene, Munich is the cleanable spot to beforehand your vocation portion enjoying a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. 

 In this relation arsenic a Senior RF Filter Engineer you volition thrust industry-leading show successful multiplexer plan done innovative topology research, synthesis methodology, and collaboration with acoustic physics experts. Conduct pioneering probe connected caller multiplexer topologies and synthesis methods portion establishing and nurturing partnerships with world and concern collaborators to make precocious solutions. Develop and instrumentality a exertion roadmap to support a competitory borderline successful the filter domain, and plan and patent cutting-edge filter solutions.

Your time to time whitethorn dwell of:

  • Contributing to ongoing ample standard projects from an RF Filter stand-point.
  • Collaborating with engineers wrong your tract to beforehand the accumulation process utilizing SAW/TC-SAW filter design.
  • Reporting into absorption and progressing your career.

Your Areas of Expertise arsenic a Senior RF Filter Engineer:

  • Educational Background: B.Sc. oregon M.Sc. successful Electrical Engineering oregon a related field; Ph.D. preferred.
  • Experience: SAW/TC-SAW filter design, development, oregon accumulation processes.
  • Technical Innovation: Proven way grounds successful high-performance SAW exertion innovation.
  • Optimisation Skills: Expertise successful filter show optimisation, with heavy insights into precocious Q-value, debased TCF, and high-power handling features.
  • Module Development: Experience successful processing multiplexer modules.
  • Materials and Processes: Familiarity with high-performance SAW filter materials and accumulation processes.
  • Industry Knowledge: Up-to-date with method innovations successful high-performance SAW filters and acquainted with earthy worldly suppliers and processing instrumentality manufacturers.
  • Technical Skills: Strong instauration successful physics circuit mentation and design, linear and non-linear circuit simulations (e.g., ADS), optimisation, measurements, and electromagnetic valuation (e.g., CST). Proficiency successful programming languages specified arsenic MATLAB.
  • Simulation Tools: Experience with the improvement of acoustic filter simulation tools utilizing FEM, COM, oregon BVD models.
  • Teamwork: Excellent squad subordinate with beardown planetary coordination and practice skills. Willingness to question arsenic needed.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluent successful written and spoken English.

Apply to this Senior RF Filter Engineer presumption present to propulsion the boundaries of RF exertion and lend to groundbreaking advancements successful the field.

Equally, if you are funny successful different RF positions extracurricular of Munich, delight consciousness escaped to scope retired to Zac Taylor to research a wider scope of opportunities successful the RF field.