Senior Sales Manager, Realiste AI

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About the Position:

Realiste AI is seeking an experienced Senior Sales Manager to articulation our innovative team. This presumption offers a competitory income ranging from $3k to $15k monthly. Additionally, determination are opportunities to get up to 0.1% successful institution stock options.

About the Company:

Realiste AI is simply a pioneering unit successful the planetary existent property concern sector, revolutionizing the manufacture with our cutting-edge product. Our level utilizes precocious AI algorithms to facilitate seamless existent property investments for backstage and organization investors worldwide.

Business Model:

Our concern exemplary revolves astir integrated idiosyncratic engagement and delivering extended marketplace insights. We supply complimentary entree to our platform, supported by a dedicated squad to assistance users successful spot enactment and transaction facilitation. Real property developers wage a nominal commission, generating a important gross watercourse for the company.

What We Offer:

  1. High demand: 5 existent customers per time per salesperson.
  2. Global reach: No bounds connected lawsuit traffic; we merchantability worldwide.
  3. Established lawsuit base: Incoming orders.
  4. Strong marque presence: Detachment from the market, casual to explicate wherefore to enactment with us.
  5. Prime location: Great bureau successful Dubai.
  6. Talented team: A people salespeople acceptable to excel.

Skills Required:

  1. Proven income experience, consistently earning astatine slightest $7,000 monthly.
  2. Familiarity with concern instruments and terminology.
  3. Experience successful selling existent property oregon fiscal products preferred.
  4. Strong connection skills, written and verbal.

Company Principles and Culture:

  1. Our clients travel first. We ever prioritize their interests implicit ours. We lone triumph erstwhile our clients win. If our clients lose, we suffer too.
  2. Our AI provides our clients with an vantage implicit accepted concern methods. We purpose to treble our clients' net portion minimizing risks.
  3. Always enactment successful the company's interests, not your idiosyncratic interests.
  4. Culture is important. Avoid moving with unpleasant radical - they won't instrumentality work for their words and actions.
  5. Always marque definite the portion economics are positive.
  6. Take enactment to forestall downtime.
  7. We dainty everyone equally, careless of age, religion, orientation, nationality, oregon governmental views.
  8. Every worker indispensable beryllium a shareholder. Share organisation is based connected fantabulous work, and employees tin besides bargain shares astatine a peculiar price.

The mandatory signifier of campaigner enactment is completing the onboarding, the nexus to which you volition person aft applying for this vacancy. This process volition instrumentality you nary much than 10-15 minutes but volition assistance america reappraisal your candidacy arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable and supply you with feedback. We highly worth some your clip and ours. Additionally, we would admit your feedback connected the campaigner enactment process.