Senior SoC Architect

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A superb accidental for a Senior SoC Architect to articulation a palmy semiconductor IP institution that is processing revolutionary network-on-chip technology. This relation tin beryllium based successful Sophia Antipolis oregon Paris.

Our lawsuit is revolutionising autonomous driving, 5G mobiles and AI. They are expanding globally, and for their tract successful Sophia Antipolis they question a Senior SoC Architect to thrust the evolutions of their latest network-on-chip technology, enabling an ever-increasing complexity of SoCs. Here the Senior SoC Architect volition power the improvement environment, architecture, verification, and everything successful betwixt - it’s a hugely fascinating, challenging presumption that volition person a large method impact.

For this position, you indispensable have: 

  • Substantial acquisition wrong SoC/IP/NoC design, utilizing VHDL / Verilog / SystemVerilog
  • Experience penning architecture specifications for highly analyzable SoCs
  • Expertise successful coherent and non-coherent connection protocols (AMBA, PCIe, CXL, OCP, etc)
  • A bully knowing crossed the implicit integer plan travel (from specification, architecture, RTL coding, verification, DFT, synthesis, powerfulness and timing closure)
  • A Bachelors / Masters grade successful Electronic Engineering oregon similar

For further details oregon to apply, delight interaction Caroline Click present to interaction this recruiter Resources