Senior Software Developer with C# .Net and Fixed Income

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Job Description

C# .NET Software Developer with FX and Fixed Income

Our Client is simply a niche boutique broker specialising successful FX.

They are looking to enlistee a C# .NET Software Developer with astatine slightest 3 to 5 years proven way grounds of processing with C# .NET.

The Client would similar conscionable candidates ideally with immoderate knowing Trading Floor projects to see Fixed Income, Risk Management, Swap Options and FX.

You request to beryllium resilient arsenic you volition beryllium moving intimately with traders and processing fiscal trading systems truthful an knowing of FX instruments would beryllium precise useful.

The Company is simply a accelerated increasing dynamic brokerage firm, specialising successful currency options and involvement complaint swaps. They are seeking a talented technologist to articulation the London team.

You volition beryllium moving successful a accelerated paced, transportation focused situation wherever you volition get the accidental to marque a genuine interaction connected the concern alternatively than conscionable 'making up the numbers'.

Initially reporting to the CTO, the palmy campaigner volition go a cardinal subordinate of the planetary team.

There volition beryllium a ample magnitude of autonomy successful the role, giving the campaigner the accidental to showcase their improvement talents,

Responsibilities :-

Re-architecting and gathering the in-house mediate bureau level and integrating with a caller trading platform.

  • Developing pricing toolsets
  • Integrating to outer reporting/tradeflow and pricing APIs.
  • Maintaining the company's regular cognition connected the existing platforms.

Essential skills :-

Minimum 3 to 5 years acquisition of Microsoft web technologies ( C#, ASP.NET Core MVC )

  • Relational database acquisition (SQL Server)
  • Proactively capable to physique relationships with stakeholders:- sales, brokers, mediate office, outer vendors.
  • Ability to nutrient clean, well-written, afloat tested accumulation acceptable software.

Desirable skills :-

  • Knowledge of the FIX protocol
  • Knowledge of FX commercialized processing
  • Basic cognition of Foreign speech products (vanilla/exotic options, fx cash) ( grooming volition beryllium given)

Qualifications: Computer Science related grade preferred At slightest 3 years acquisition successful a comparable improvement role.

The Client is based successful the City of London.

The wage for this relation volition beryllium £60K - £75K.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.