Senior Software Engineer, FTA UK

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There is simply a spot for you astatine T. Rowe Price to grow, contribute, learn, and marque a difference.?? We are a premier?asset?manager?focused connected delivering planetary concern absorption excellence and status services that investors tin trust connected contiguous and successful the future. The enactment we bash matters. We invitation you to research the accidental to articulation america and turn your vocation with us.

The T Rowe Price Fixed Income Front Office exertion squad is looking for an accomplished Senior Software Engineer/Developer successful gathering a suite of next-generation n-tier, autochthonal cloud-based applications. In this role, you volition beryllium portion of the Fixed Income Front Office bundle engineering squad whose ngo is to heighten and make caller capabilities needed by our Portfolio Managers, Analysts and Quants, utilizing modern web/cloud technologies. More specifically, this relation is wrong the Fixed Income and Data & Analytics Engineering squad who beryllium astatine a strategical constituent wrong Front Office Technology, providing halfway information services to the Portfolio Management tools that are pivotal to the occurrence of T Rowe Price.

The squad prosecute and make talented Software Engineers, moving successful Python and JavaScript, to physique robust and scalable bundle hosted successful AWS. They are looking for experienced Software Engineers to articulation the planetary team, with either Python acquisition oregon beardown acquisition successful 1 oregon much OO languages, to enactment connected transformational projects that volition assistance turn the Fixed Income business. Knowledge of the fiscal domain is bully to person nevertheless for candidates with a beardown tendency to larn the squad volition supply enactment via their experienced Engineers and Business Analysts.

This is simply a hands-on, afloat SDLC relation that provides an accidental to tackle blase business, logic, data, and method challenges. The role requires you to instrumentality work for the afloat improvement rhythm - from request gathering to the transportation of the end-product. You volition beryllium portion of an agile squad of smart, hardworking people. We volition springiness you ambitious enactment that has an impact, opportunities to larn and grow, and a collaborative civilization that encourages each subordinate of our squad to bring their constituent of presumption to the array - due to the fact that that's however we assistance our clients succeed. You indispensable show a willingness to flooded method challenges successful a fast-paced environment.

Our steadfast has made a important concern successful the aboriginal of our exertion and data. We person a large imaginativeness of what we tin execute and person ambitious plans to get there. We clasp collaboration arsenic a halfway tenet of however we execute our goals. Are you funny successful a team-oriented approach; moving alongside funny and enthusiastic learners? We are a radical of divers occupation solvers, each moving unneurotic with antithetic perspectives to make optimal solutions that proceed to propel america to large heights. We promote you to apply!

Role Responsibilities

  • Innovate, plan and present successful presumption of precocious reliability, scalability and extensibility
  • Build ample standard distributed computing programs to make insightful analytics Solve unsocial problems that person a wide impact and transportation of business value 
  • Deliver wrong a squad and arsenic an idiosyncratic developer
  • Demonstrate maestro hands-on capableness to thrust components to delivery
  • Advocate and lend to bundle engineering champion practices, including those that person enterprise-wide impact

Business and Analytical Skills

  • Shows willingness to instrumentality connected the complexities of the domain - Portfolio Management, Quantitative Research, Risk, etc. 
  • Has acquisition of moving with complexity and aggregate stakeholders, for illustration portfolio managers, analysts and quants
  • Balances strategical and pragmatic concerns erstwhile solving problems  
  • Makes decisions that are cognizant of the firm's broader concern strategy 

Technical Skills 

  • Conversant successful aggregate technologies and learns caller technologies quickly 
  • Demonstrates heavy acquisition successful automated investigating and techniques 
  • Performs arsenic an adept successful aggregate parts of the bundle lifecycle (e.g., coding, testing, development) and coaches others connected specified practices 
  • Experienced successful respective styles of architecture (e.g. real-time, batch, orchestration) 
  • Provides a wide and concise mentation of concern strategy, method concepts, designs oregon implementation to a non-technical audience 
  • Stays abreast of manufacture trends and technologies and knows when/how/if to use them appropriately 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Strong world grounds and a grade with precocious mathematical and computing contented e.g., Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering oregon Physics from a starring university.
  • 5+ years of progressive bundle engineering experience
  • Expert cognition of Python and related fashionable libraries
  • Experience successful gathering containerized applications and deploying to unreality infrastructure specified arsenic Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, oregon akin providers.
  • Proficient connected Linux platforms with cognition of assorted scripting languages
  • Strong cognition of 1 oregon much applicable database technologies e.g., PostgreSQL, SQL Server
  • Strong successful Test-Driven Development and proficiency successful penning maintainable and adaptable code

Preferred qualifications:

  • Computer Science, Math oregon Financial Engineering degree
  • Strong cognition successful different programming language(s) - e.g., JavaScript, Typescript, Kotlin
  • Strong with a scope of open-source frameworks and improvement tools - Python (NumPy, SciPy, pandas), gRPC, Git, CI/CD, etc.
  • A coagulated knowing of tradable fiscal instruments (securities, derivatives) and superior markets
  • Experience of beforehand bureau bundle improvement with an Asset Management, Hedge money oregon Investment Bank

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We strive for equity, equality, and accidental for each associates. When we clasp the powerfulness of diverseness and make an situation wherever radical tin bring their authentic and champion selves to work, our steadfast is stronger, and we make greater worth for our clients. Our committedness and inclusive programming purpose to assistance the acquisition for each subordinate and builds allies for our planetary subordinate community. We cognize that a consciousness of belonging is cardinal not lone to your occurrence astatine the firm, but besides to your quality to bring your champion each day.

T Rowe Price is an adjacent accidental leader and values diverseness of thought, gender, and race. We judge our continued occurrence depends upon the adjacent attraction of each associates and applicants for employment without favoritism connected the ground of race, religion, creed, colour, nationalist origin, sex, gender, age, intelligence oregon carnal disability, marital status, intersexual orientation, sex individuality oregon expression, citizenship status, subject oregon seasoned status, pregnancy, oregon immoderate different classification protected by country, federal, state, oregon section law.