Senior Technical Java and C# .net Software Developer

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Job Description

Senior Technical Java and C# .net Software Developer

We are presently recruiting a Java with C# .net Senior Software Developer - who tin beryllium the pb successful the team.

You indispensable person astatine slightest 5 to 7 years proven way grounds of processing bundle with Java and C# .net model coupled with SQL Server.

Ability to ain and thrust guardant Omni transmission method solutions and method architecture from an IT position (with absorption from Head of IM, Consumer & Brands)

o Ownership of FM Digital Technical architecture including the ongoing reappraisal of wide FM Omni method design, operation and future-fit. Project pb connected immoderate aboriginal re-platforming for

o To beryllium the exertion pb managing the 'day to day' from a method perspective

o Ensure each method solutions are best-in-class, future-proofed and align to the wider DBIM imaginativeness / strategy (e.g. liaise with wider IM connected Security, merchandise processes etc)

§ For illustration for the FM planetary azygous lawsuit presumption project, the relation would supply each method proposal connected architecture, idiosyncratic stories, method specs and DB IM sign-offs

  • Technical pb for each 3rd enactment solution providers: a) Salesforce b) Booking Bug c) Shopify.
  • Ensure that each OmniChannel products are moving together/integrated arsenic needed to let azygous user tracking and planetary database.

o Technical pb for China Retail Salesforce integration / WeChatify / Social CRM

o Data Management Platform (DMP) method pb

o B2B FMJ / FMD Management CRM (India) method pb to enactment with DBIM to guarantee that task is delivered + method specification.

o Salesforce Service and Marketing Cloud method pb to instrumentality method ownership for the transportation of caller projects / enhancements

o Technical person to make method architecture documentation, listing the method stack of the suite of applications (front and backmost end).

o Technical Leader to item components astatine security, warranty, support, IM argumentation risk.

o Technical Leader to hole a program for abbreviated and agelong word to alleviate / eradicate highlighted risks of the method stacks.

o Alignment of FM Omnichannel method projects / scope to guarantee business, outgo and exertion efficiencies successful conjunction with China and US method leads

   •   Lead improvement efforts and deliverables connected analyzable solutions wrong an Agile framework

   •   Provide beardown oversight and ownership of coding efforts, and method solutions

   •   Contribute to the improvement of strategy components arsenic needed

   •   Accountable for solving for each method aspects and delivery

   •   Serve arsenic an escalation constituent for method impediments

   •   Accountable for the articulation of the solutions, to assorted levels

   •   Delegate structured assignments and show the progress

   •   Develop and guarantee improvement standards and practices are adhered to by the improvement team, i.e. DevOps, coding, codification management, and documentation

   •   Provide solutions based connected beardown method acumen and method currency successful a assortment of technologies

   •   Exposure to Mobile and Cloud exertion platforms

   •   Ensure the method activities are aligned with approved architectural designs.

   •   Create method and strategy documents to articulate the solutions and usher implementations arsenic needed to conscionable requirements.

   •   Develop beardown method exertion and merchandise cognition crossed the Omni transmission portfolio.

   •   Challenge our exertion partners and vendors to deduce maximum value.

   •   Evaluate vendor solutions and enactment with vendors arsenic necessary

   •   Provide guidance to onshore, offshore, and adjacent enactment improvement work providers arsenic necessary

   •   Provide beardown retail concern acumen, and lawsuit focus.

   •   Provide governance for troubleshooting analyzable strategy issues arsenic necessary

   •   Develop oregon lend to concern cases, roadmaps and proposals which whitethorn see presentations to elder management.

   •   Collaboration with Business, Technical, and Security Architects, to negociate hazard recognition and hazard mitigation tactics associated with the designs.

Role-specific knowledge:

   •   5+ years of elder method lead.

   •   5+ years of beardown hands-on acquisition arsenic a developer moving connected JAVA oregon .NET Framework standards and technologies - C#.NET, ASP.NET, AngularJS, SQLServer, Web Services, Cloud Platforms, AJAX, JQUERY, XML/JSON, HTML, CSS

   •   Retail / integer exertion acquisition is essential

   •   Experience successful SalesForce Service and Marketing Clouds

   •   Safety Knowledge:

   •   Provides a accordant outstanding relation exemplary successful narration to information practices with a heavy knowing of the value of safety

This is simply a 6 period declaration duty based successful the London.

Rate is negotiable and volition beryllium successful the scope £450 to £500 per day.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint and availability.