Senior UI Developer - Central London

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Job Description

Senior UI Developer - Central London

We are looking to enlistee a Senior UI Developer with astatine slightest 5 years experience.

Your acquisition indispensable screen Front End UI development.

It is important that those developers beryllium sufficiently acquisition to pb the UI improvement successful a

micro-service/angular framework.

Must person a precise bully inheritance with Angular implementation and testing, on with remainder extremity points.

Additionally you indispensable person a bully knowing of however to interruption down an implementation of the UI to segregate the concern logic responsibilities correctly.

The pursuing would beryllium bully to person - Vanilla Javascript/Core JavaScript coding, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3).

Key Skills required:

Node.JS Development


- adaptable scoping

- Event handling and Event delegation

- JSON parsing and looping

- Promises

- DOM manipulation.


- Semantic Markup

- Accessibility

- SEO affable markup


- Positioning

- Flex layout

- Basic thought of CSS preprocessors similar LESS/SCSS

This is simply a 6 period duty successful Central London.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with regular complaint and availability.